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I was getting ready for my 30th birthday party and needed bags quickly and you guys came through.

I made a FSU themed cornhole sets and you guys had the best Gold color I could find. We played from 10am until 3am, and the bags were perfect. I will definitely be ordering from you guys again. Thanks.
Josh - Debary, FL.






My husband became interested in the game of cornhole after playing it with a friend one day. So I thought this would be a great birthday gift to give him and it would be a surprise, finally!! After looking on the Internet for instructions on how to make them, I came across you wonderful web site. Everything a person would want to know in an easy to use format, plus the bonus of free instructions on how to build your own cornhole set. His surprise was a success and we now are the proud owners of a cornhole game!! Let the games begin!!
Mary Shryock



We love the bags that we get from cornhole! I have purchased several sets as gifts and feel confident that they weather-resistant bags will be used for years to come! In fact, I am over to the great store today to purchase two more sets before they run out! Love the game, love the cornhole bags and the color choices! What a great store, product and people to do business with on a regular basis! Thanks for caring and sharing such a great product with the corn-tossers of America!
Walt and Diane Wille



Dear Cornhole Enthusists:

About a month ago I broke down and decided to join the craze that is sweeping the nation. Bags has now become a staple form of entertainment for myself, friends and family. It brings a tear to my heart to see my 72 year old Grandmother playing bags with the family (she is a force to be watched out for too). has helped tremendously. I ordered my set of bags from and I have been more than pleased with the results. The order was shipped very quickly and with no problems. I would reccomend to anyone who has interest in the craze. Thanks to and as we say in the family "Keep on chuckin'!"
Greg Janczak
Schaumburg, IL



Not many people know of this fine game
eveyone who comes over to picnic just loves the game.
i am going to build my third set of boards
I can see this game being bigger than hoseshoes.
Tom Santangelo
H&S Graphics



Thanks a bunch for the opportunity to toot your whistle! OUTSTANDING!!  That is the only word that I can think of to describe the sensation! My cousin from Cincinnati introduced Corn hole to me last Thanksgiving. I live in Pleasant Garden, North Carolina. He came to our house and brought the game with him. My grandchildren loves it! I then introduced the game to other family members at our family reunion this past May. They loved it. I gave them your email and hopefully, some of them contacted you for a game. Thank you very much for the joy and fun you have introduced to North Carolina!

Dr.Clifton E. Bell, Jar.
Pleasant Garden, North Carolina



My husband became interested in the game of cornhole after playing it with a friend one day. So I thought this would be a great birthday gift to give him and it would be a surprise, finally!! After looking on the Internet for instructions on how to make them, I came across you wonderful web site. Everything a person would want to know in an easy to use format, plus the bonus of free instructions on how to build your own cornhole set. His surprise was a success and we now are the proud owners of a cornhole game!! Let the games begin!!
Mary Shryock



As the "summer cornhole craze" began sweeping my neighborhood, I felt somewhat obligated to hop on the bandwagon and get myself a set.  I went to a local store, and bought a couple boards and a set of bags.
All of this was pre-packaged together.

Within literally five plays, the bags were already starting to come apart.  Weeks thereafter, the boards began to crumble as well!

Admittedly I bought cheap, and that was definitely a mistake.  I turned to to get a new set of bags, and I've had them for over a year now with absolutely ZERO problems whatsoever!  They honestly look and feel as good as new.

Sadly, I have not had the finances to upgrade my boards, so those are still in wretched shape, but when I do invest in a new set, is most certainly where I will be taking my business.

Matt Hoffman
  Elgin, IL



We love our corn-hole game!  I gave it to my fiance for a birthday present and he loved it.  We had fun decorating it together!  He is a big WI badger fan, where he graduated from, so we bought a Bucky Badger Decal for one board and a big Wisconsin W for the other board. After staining our boards we applied the decals and a couple coats of varnish later.....we have our very own personalized Bucky boards.  We've spent many days perfecting our throw and they always make a hit with friends and family on holidays or at parties. 
Thanks again
Tossing in Schaumburg



You have no idea how much cornhole has changed the life of both my friends and myself. Also, we have turned on many passer-byers  of our house to the game. A mentally challenged man named Russell, whom receives much grief and negativity from local kids, has become obsessed with the game! He comes over to play a couple times a week. has changed the lives of many good people.
Mike Lofquist



I first played Cornhole at a friend’s house and I was amazed at how much fun I had. A few months after that I hosted my wife’s 30th Birthday party at the same friend’s house. The woman gathered in side opening presents and such, but all the men flocked outside to the Cornhole game. None of my guests had played before, but they were all having a blast playing. We ended up having a big tournament and the party was a huge success in part because of Cornhole. The wives literally had to drag their husbands away to leave. This left a huge impression on me so I found your web site and used your directions to make 2 sets of cornhole boards. I gave one set to my father as a Father’s Day gift. He loves the game too. Every picnic we have now is better because we great entertainment for people to play. Even the kids can play by moving the boards closer together. I would love to get a set of the weather resistant bags. I was going to order when I saw your first email, but I ran out of cash last month.

Tim Trostle (Brockport, NY)



I've had great experience with's cornhole bags.  I ordered my bags and received prompt shipment in less than a week, which completely surprised me.  I've actually tried other bag suppliers(forgive me) and those bags have bit the dust long ago.  I'm still playing with my trusty bags from  They are a quality product.  Ordering is quick and easy and the available colors can satisfy anyone's needs.  If and when my bags finally need replacing, I know exactly where to go for my next, of course!


Tony Jauquet
Oak Creek, WI



   I guess what I want to say is that I have a ton of fun with my friends using your websites product.  I could see with your good public relations skills and our needs for bags and boards, sending a lot of money your way. Your website is also very helpful and outstanding!!!!!

Zach Rudy
Akron Brass


I just wanted to let you guys know how great your cornhole bags are. I play in softball tourneys all the time and we love to play cornhole while we are waiting to play our next game. I had a set of bags and they just weren't strong enough for all the torture we put them through. I got on your website and ordered some bags and they are incredibly durable. We have thrown these bags a bunch and there is absolutely no signs of wear whatsoever. Thanks for having such a high quality product.
Brandon Vest
Sullivan IN



 The new weather resistant bags are the real deal!  They take a few more games to break in than traditional corn filled bags but hold their shape forever.  I have played hundreds of games with the set that I have.  They have been stepped on, spilled on, left out in in the elements and the beads and fabric have shown no signs of break down.  You never have to deal with broken down corn in a bag that feels like sand and kicks up dust every time you land a shot on a board- these things are made to be punished!

-John from Denver



We looked around for the cornhole game all over the city and found nothing but those cheap plastic ones or ones that our friends buddies made themselves.  Once we recieved your product we were very impressed by the construction of your product. We could tell that your game will last along time compared to all the others that weve checked out.  Thank you for a great product and a game that we will be playing for a long time.

 Jeff Spko



 I had been scouring the internet looking for a decent set of bags to go with the cornhole set that I had just built.  I did find several sites that said to have sold premium bags made from 12oz Canvas and filled as close to 1lb as could be but they were charging $30 plus and on top of that adding on shipping.  I then came across which had the  lowest price that could find and also gave me the option to pick them up in store since they are located in the South Chicago Suburbs.  It was fast and the bags quality was excellent.  I would recomend the site to anyone looking to purchase a set of bags.



You have a great site and an amazing product that I believe will revolutionize the game of cornhole! Finally, no more disappointment of having to pack up the boards and bags when the weather gets bad.
Thanks and keep up the great work!
Josh in Stow, OH



 I just wanted to respond as to my brief experience with this site and Company. Believe it or not, I am just catching up to the Cornhole craze after attending a family function where we played for hours. After that I was convinced I had to built myself a set, searched the web for instructions on how to do so, and landed here.

I was amazed at the response time to my inquiry. Within minutes, I had a complete set of easy to read and follow instructions, with what I felt was a very personalized touch from Dave. This site has done nothing but answer questions quickly, and while I am just getting onto the market, with seemingly some very good deals on supplies and equipment.

Keep up the good work. You will be hearing more from me.

Jack Bronson
Medina, Ohio



I purchased a set of the corn hole bags after my husband received the game as a gift for Fathers day. My daughter was so proud to get the game for her dad but didnt realize it didnt come with the bags. So I got on line and searched for a site and found you! It was so easy and the bags have held up really well. And now the weather proof sets are a must!! We have been considering getting another full set from you because every weekend we are out playing bags with our kids and their friends. It such an enjoyable way to still stay in touch with your teenage kids. thanks so much!!

Julie Donnelly Sauk Village , IL 



Dave was very nice with helping me with directions on how to make on own boards....I sent an email to him for help and in no time he rely.......Cornhole is such as fun family game, and he has help me and family become closer.
Thanks Dave!!

Elizabeth Crigler, Shepherdsville KY 


Thanks for the great product's they work great I have been using the cornhole bags they are great. Also thanks for the wonderful board plans they were easy to follow and they work great again thanks... 
 Jason Italy, TX



 thanks alot for helping me build my own cornhole boards,i could not find anywhere else that would help me,now all i need is your bags. by the way your web site is the best on the net when it comes to cornhole.

 kevin smith from three rivers,mi



 My kids and I recently purchased the regulation sized board and bags for my husband for Father's Day.  I found from a simple Google search and when comparing products, found their quality and pricing to be second-to-none!  Then, as an added bonus, cornhole-game is located in a neighboring town so I was able to pick them up the same day.  I bought the unpainted set but advise to pay the extra $20 bucks and get them painted.  That way, you can enjoy them all that much sooner!

Cindy Zaletel
Lockport, IL 



I first played the game back at Mother's Day.  I use to play horse shoes a lot at family get togethers.  My sister had bought a cornhole set back in early spring that they would take camping with them  She had brought her set over to our mom's house at Mother's Day.  All our families played Corn Hole up until dark.  The thing I like is that kids can play.
The bags are not as heavy as horse shoes, and a whole lot safer.  We now get a couple sets out at every family get together which is about once a month.  We even set a set up for the kids in  which we place the boards closer together on so they can throw and reach the board.  We set them up for Sunday School get togethers or even just in the afternoons just to have some fun.
I am hooked.  Thanks again for a great game!

Greenwood, S.C.


 I have been playing for 3 years now.  I am addicted.  I have a set i take everywhere with me.  I have also built numerous sets for friends and families.  Everyone i introduce to the game loves it and wants a set.  My name is  and I live in 

Jeff Raes
Moline, IL



 My venture into cornhole is quite new. I got hooked on the game two years ago, but, sadly, it took me that long to construct my own boards. Once finished I ran out to my local sporting goods store and bought a set of bags. Within one day those bags had ripped apart at the seams and their contents were spilling out with each toss. Come to find out they weren't even filled with CORN!
Your weather resistant bags are a savior. They have held up in the rain and constant playing. They have not ripped nor have they torn at the seams. They are a godsend for this avid cornhole player. Thanks for such a great product.

Drew McCoy 



I recently recieved plans for the board set.  Very easy to follow and took only a few hours to complete.  Noe down to the fun, I have had 3 parties since I made my set.  Opon first site of the boards people were saying "What is that"?  That day we played from 4pm till 3:30am.  Talking about fun!!  Even the party I had when it rained we moved the set indoors, just cut down the distance and were playing in no time.  My friends and family love this game.  The all want sets of there own.  I directed them to you site for plans.  Awsome, Thank You!
Patrick Amherst
New York

Customer Testamonials


I've been playing Cornhole for about 3 years now, and have gone through numerous sets of bags.  I'm not much for sewing so my first set was made by a friend.  She used a weaker canvas, and while they were great at first they didn't last long.  They corn shells began to break down, and come out of the bags.  The bags in turn became to light, and anytime we played on concrete they would begin to tear.  After trying several different materials and fillers, I bought a set from you.  So far they have held up great, already surpassing the life of my other sets.  The seams are sealing well, so they aren't shedding weight, and the material is much stronger.  They've been thrown across concrete for many games, and the wear is minimal.  I've made a few boards for friends and always recommend your bags.  

Bowling Green, Ohio



A buddy of mine ordered your bags after going through a few of his own... After a few weeks of mine busting I bought yours off of him for $50... Only to find out they are cheaper new... It was still worth it...

Bowling Green, KY 



Like most colleges, there are always large tailgating events prior to the home football game that evening.  I had no idea what cornhole was until I stepped foot on this campus.  As I walked around the tailgating area though, I noticed an increasing amount of people playing cornhole.  Luckily, I was able to get in on a game.  After that day, I was determined to make my own set of cornhole boards.  Cornhole is now a primary event at parties, too.  It's challenging and a lot of fun.  I knew I wanted my own cornhole game set, so I went surfing the web and this was the first site I found and trusted.

Adam Sheridan
Western Kentucky University



Although I haven't actually ordered from this site they did send me the dimensions to make my own cornhole set, they came out perfectly. I'd love to have a set of the weather resistant bags and wouldn't hesitate to order from in the future. I also receive up to date emails about specials and products. Nice site.
Holli Hearn


I will keep this short I work for a cell phone company and we use cornhole as a promotion item (people love this game) get 1 bag in win x prize get 2 in when x prize and so on, so since these bags are used by hundreds of people at concerts, radio stations, dealer locations, etc… It is  important for us to use a good quality bag, and that is why I choose you guys. I’ve attached pictures so you can see corn hole in use! Again thanks for such a great product!




Just wanted to let you know that I was very please with my Cornhole Set that I ordered from your company. It was made with very good quality. The bags are not the cheap ones that you find @ game stores. Unfortunately a critter got hold of one of my bags in the garage and put a hole in it. So I had to sew it up. Also you need to target the state of Florida as no one here has heard of the game !!! We lived in Ohio before and you could find the game & bags every where. Well just wanted to say Thanks!

Leslie Robertson
Fruitland Park, Florida



I am originally from the Cincinnati area and on one of my trips back home to visit relatives, I was introduced to Cornhole.  From the beginning, I really loved it and I would like to introduce it to Florence, South Carolina residents.  So I am wanting to purchase or build boards and probably purchase bags to get started with.  I am thinking of having a Cornhole (re-named Corntoss) tournament as a church function to start off with.  But I think it may grow fairly rapidly if I can get the word out.
Roger Borgman
Florence, South Carolina



I wanted to let know you how pleased I am with the level of service I received from you and

The game of corn-hole is new to me as well as the east coast in general. Since purchasing my set of bags and completing my own boards the game has been a bit hit! I‘ve brought the game to several tail-gating events and barbecue’s during the coarse of the summer and it’s been great entertainment and excitement and for all ages.

Thanks again for the great service!

Joel Charron
Greenland, NH



I purchased an OSU style corn hole set about a year ago, and have found it to be a great investment. It is very durable and a much higher quality of board then other sets I have had. We have taken it camping, to cook outs, and to tail gate. Everywhere it is, I always get complements based on the design, appearance, and stability of the boards. When it comes time to pick up a second set, or purchase a set as a gift, I will definitely be back!

Thanks Again,
Nick DeCarlo



We are true corn hole players. We had our grandkids here for 10 days and they could not wait to get out doors to play another game.
My husband made our game from your plans and then my daughter and her husband made themselves a game.
We are spreading the word about your site as well as the game itself.
Keep up the good work.

Marilyn Henderson
Urbana, OH



I heard about your site through the internet and you have been fantastic since I first visited. My experience has been great and I look forward to receiving my order!



My fiance and I met at a work get together about four years ago.  A friend of ours had built this game called corn hole.  The reason we met was because of this game.  We didn't have a co-ed pairing and we were literally thrust into the game together.  We pretty much won every match and playing the game turned into a date, which would eventually lead to our engagement and marriage this coming September.  Once we found your site and realized that building our own was easy with directions we started buying all the products from the site.  We now stopped building our own and have customized a purchased version from your site.  The quality superscedes even the best homemade edition we ever made.  We have spread the word here in Western New York and now it has become a the game to play during our get togethers.  Thank you so much for making it easy to play a game that I literally state, changed the course of my life.

Tom & Ann Marie Amodeo



I purchased 8 weather resistant bags over  a year ago, and I can tell you that they are weather resistant and critter proof. The bags have been left in the rain more times than I care to remember (3 boys ages 8 -10 will do that!!) The bags are still holding up great! They have been played on the driveway, in the grass as the old Timex commercial says “they take a licking and keep on ticking”. They are quality and I have not had 1 bad experience with breakage or critters eating them. We have plenty of chipmunks and raccoons to do that if they wanted. Just to let you know I am one very satisfied customer. Please keep up the great work and suburb quality.

Chuck Ramsey



Just wanted to drop you a line, I just bought the weather resistant bags you guys offer and I'm giving them to my best man in my wedding the bags seem to be great they are very well made and now that we don't have to worry as much if they get wet from the weather. It seemed like every time we have an outing they always ask me to bring the cornhole game with me, which I did, and now we are just spreading the joy of the game down here in the sunny south with these really great bags.
Rob Scott
Richburg, SC


Thanks for the e-mail. I have never heard of  a company be so caring about their customers. Great Job! I would never hesitate to order from you.




I built my cornhole and happened to come upon this site.  The bags that were sent were amazing.  While not at college obviously during the summer the bags did get some use.  They broke in very nicely.  The weather resistant ones took a bit longer than normal but I expected this due to the tougher surface.  The shipment was also great.  Thanks a lot.

Bryan Messersmith



My best-friend and I purchased bags from your site some time back.  We took your pattern and made two cornhole sets, one for the each of us.  Since that day I have constructed 8 additional sets for friends who played with us, and could not live without.  I foward your bag information to each and everyone of them, because your bags are second to none!

Reigning Charleston, SC Cornhole Champion...




I did research all over the web looking for the best cornhole bags and came across this site and was convinced.  I ordered my bags and they came in the mail and are great.  A friend of mine ordered from another site 2 weeks before me and his are already falling apart.  Plus you can just feel the difference between the two.  Great Product!  If/when I need new ones I will definitely order from here!

My family got me hooked on the game and I am glad I found your web site. When my first set of bags arrived my brother and I was so impressed with quality. 35 games (and counting) later they are "broken in" and not a single problem. I am a customer for life.
Awesome product at a fair price.

Anthony from Maine




The game is great. We have enjoyed numerous of hours during the weekend playing the game with friends and family. I used to throw horseshoes during the weekend before buying the corn hole game. What a great investment. Again, thanks for the well crafted boards.

Richard Dolak
Louisville, KY



I started playing cornhole with my friends and quickly decided I had to have my own board.  I made my own board, but i worried that if I made the bags, the sizes wouldn't be the same.  I ordered them off and they're awesome.  I may not be the best cornhole player, but I look good doing it!

Eric Jones
Dearborn, Michigan



I first played Cornhole/Baggo a couple years ago and a friends in Chicago. I had such a great time I went ahead and built my own boards. When it came to the bags, I had a couple options: Make them or buy them. I did some extensive searching on the internet for places to buy them . I was amazed how quickly the bags were delivered and how sturdy and durable the material was. I even checked the weight of all the bags and they were all within an ounce of each other…talk about consistent! I’ve told everyone who is interested in the game to get their bags here. You may find cheaper bags other places on the internet, but you get a cheaper bag made with thinner material and poor stitching. The customer service was notable as well. Any email questions I had were answered professionally in a timely manner. In fact, with all my friends wanting to play and have their own set, I may have to make some more boards and have tournaments!! The best decision I made was to get my bags at for the store) I have seen and used other bags and they simply do not compare to these. Keep up the good  work guys!!
Clinton Township, Mi



LOVE the bags!  LOVE the game!  Couldn't have made the bags that good of quality!  Hope to get some weather resistant ones someday.  Weren't in stock when we needed'em!

Thanks so much!




My order experience with was fantastic.  I ordered two sets of customized Dale Jr. bags and absolutely love them.  I have played with them all summer and they show NO sign of ware.  Their customer service and response time was superb.  I was very pleased with my purchase and WILL order through them again. 

Milwaukee, WI



Cornhole is a highly addictive game sweeping the nation (my sister in Denver says it needs renamed). She is an Air Force Academy grad with blue and white bags, and Falcon boxes.
My Brother-in-law is a big Harley-Davidson guy with H-D bags and boxes made by his daughter's boyfriend.
I'm a White Sox fan and my wife is a Cubs fan. She found Sox and Cubs bags at a craft show. We just got invited to a neighborhood party and there will be a tournament. You guessed it, cornhole!

Bill Cleveland
Algonquin, IL



I recieved a set of weather resistant bags last week.It is hard to tell them from the corn filled bags. I realy like them so far. I have friends waiting to see how they hold up.Could be ordering three or four sets in amonth or so. Thanks.

Middletown, Ohio 


I had never heard of Cornhole until this summer at one of my daughters fastpitch softball games. A friend had a set and we played it all weekend. We really enjoy the game and are in the works on getting a board set made. I will either be ordering or would love to win some of the new bags that the rodents don't eat. That would be terrific to win. Our family will enjoy this game for years to come. Thank you so much for the instructions on making the boards. My father recently had a heart attack and this is going to be one of his projects while recovering. So thank you for giving him something to do. He appreciates it.

Jana Peoni



I just ordered a set of 8 weather-proof bags a couple of weeks ago. I received them promptly this past Monday and absolutely love them. Good feel when throwing and the action once hitting the board matched the "old school" bags of yester-year. Thanks to the kids, they've already been put to the weather-proof test and passed with flying colors. GREAT PRODUCT and decently priced I might add!! Now that I've experienced more "old school" for this 'ol boy! Having a get-together this weekend.....I'll try to get a few more orders coming your way! Thanks for all the above!
D. C. McKinney
Seymour, IN 


I have not actually purchased anything YET from you, but I did want to write a quick response to your e-mail.  I was introduced to the wonderful game of cornhole last fall, it is amazing!  I have decided to build my own set and am currently working on it using the directions you sent me.  Just wanted to say thanks for the great instructions.  Every other website I went to wanted to charge me for them.  I think it's real cool that you send them only for the exchange of an e-mail address.  I will DEFINATELY be buying bags from you when I finish making the boards!

Thanks again,




Thanks for providing SELREC with such a high quality, durable products at fair prices.  Your painted, 4' X 2' cornhole boards have held up well since we purchased them in January, 2007.  We've also used your weather resistant bags in all of our recreation department's 2007 adult cornhole leagues as well as our 2007 Summer Day Camps and haven't had one broken board or broken bag yet.  Our local Junior High School's Physical Education Department even used them one day this spring for their P.E. classes with no problems reported.
Keep up the good work,
Rick Dula, SELREC Director
South Euclid-Lyndhurst Recreation Department, Lyndhurst, Ohio



Well, I've been playing bags since the Dave Matthews concert I attended back in the summer of 2004.  Ever since then, I have built three of my own sets:  including an Indiana University set and a University of Notre Dame set (I started at Indiana and then transferred to Notre Dame).  I love playing them at any time; with or without a beer in hand...but beer just makes in that much better.  My brother Terry and I are one of the top teams at any event we attend and we will continue to play bags for many years to come




I shopped around and visited many websites, including eBay sellers, before purchasing my cornhole bags from you.  Everybody's bags were about the same colors, same price, etc.  However, I had several reasons for my decision to buy from you;

1. Your website was clean and clear and very easy to use.
2. You are located in the Chicagoland area and I try to support local businesses as much as I can.
3. You bags were regulation size and weight and in a durable cover (others were lighter and many have cheap fabric covers).

But the most important reason would be because you put you a guarantee behind your product for 90 days which means that you are confident in and stand behind your work.  After receiving the bags I realized why you put the guarantee on them.  The bags were very well crafted and solid.  There were no strings hanging out or loose areas anywhere.  Your cornhole bags are well made and when I need to replace them, I will be ordering from you.

Michael J Bailey
Mount Prospect, IL



We had a big thunderstorm come through and had forgot we left the bags and boards in the back of the truck! Needless to say, since the bags were filled with corn it took no time at all until the bags were molded and smelled. The boards were okay, Thank goodness but the bags now need replaced, which I am attempting to do cheeply or sewing myself. I would really appreciate a free bag so feel free to contact me to give me a set and I promise I will help "promote" your website and products because they really are a good deal compared to others.
Thanks so much, 

Springfield, Ohio



We bought our weather proof bags - and I can't believe how well made and sturdy they are. Our first set of bags was the traditional "corn" bags - which didn't hold up to well (see we play almost every evening after work) so we went through those rather quickly (actually two sets of those). When we got these weather proof bags, you could really tell the difference - Now if they could just make me score better!!!
Thanks for the bags! 
Benita Dorn-Collins
Ohio Cornholer (amateur status, backyard gamer)



I chose to use the instructions you kindly provided to construct my own Cornhole boards, but took advantage of your offer of ready made bags.  I have been playing Cornhole for the past two years and the game has been a great facilitator to pull our neighborhood together.  The "thump" of bags resounds up and down the street pretty much every evening and on weekend afternoons.  Both men and women play and some of the ladies are pretty good.  The bags I ordered from you arrived very timely and in excellent condition and are a pleasure to use.  The materiel has a good feel and the weight and balance are perfect.  I live in Mason, Ohio, which is a suburb of Cincinnati, which some claim is the original home of the game.  Wherever it was developed, I am glad it was, as I enjoy it immensely.

 Paul Maloney



i bought 3 sets of cornhole bags over a year ago for me and two freinds and we love them there high quality the corn is still in great shape no tears in the fabric. $20 a set may sound a bit exspensive but i would have at least half that in gas just going to town to try and find good fabric and feild corn not to mention the time it would take me to make them, and i would also need a scale for the proper weight . These are great bags and well worth the $20

Joe Collins



Every year my dad and his buddies would go to the Indy 500 race and every year when he would come back with stories about playing cornhole and how him and his friend were unbeatable so this year for father's day I decided I'd make him a cornhole set. I searched the web and finally found this site where I could get the instructions for free on how to make it. I painted it blue and gold with the WVU symbol on the front. When I presented it to him he said it was probably the thing he wanted most but expected the least.

Chapmanville, WV



I would like to thank you for your resourceful website. I had played corn hole a couple of years ago and never knew what it was called until recently when a friend had the game at a cook out. Well I loved it so much that I wanted a pair. So I did some research online and came across your site. It was the only website that had the dimensions of the boards and bags and had all of the rules on it. It was so helpful. I now have my own set and play them whenever I can!
Thanks Again!
Meghan Dennehy



We discovered the game "Cornhole" a little less than a year ago when we went out west for a wedding.  We loved the game so much, and had to have one.  I did lots of research online for days and days and found that your Cornhole Superstore had all the best options.  Not only do you have choices of types of boards and sets, you also have many bag choices and so many great colors to choose from.  I ordered our set last August, and it came within a few days.  We were set up and ready to play within minutes.  Since then, we have turned many people on to the game, have given out your website, and we have personnaly ordered 5 game and bag sets for other family members and friends.  Each time, the sets have been delivered promptly and everyone has loved the game.  Thanks for being  an efficient and well run business.

Frances Pratt



This site was a an awesome resource for a college student with little cash to spend on buying a set of cornhole boards.  It was easy to navigate and gave me exact instructions on how to build my own set, as well as how to correctly play the game.  I highly recommend this site to any cornholer!

Anna DeJulio
Youngstown, Ohio



I got onto your website to try to get dimensions to build my own set.  Within 2 days I had the dimensions and on my way to building my own set.  My family always has a big get together on Memorial Weekend.  The game was a hit!  Now for Labor day we are having a bracket tournement.
Thanks again for the Dims.

Mike Hutton
Markleville, Indiana



I love your bags that are weather resistant. Thanks for a great product.  I am going to order another set for a friend.

Chesterland, Ohio


I purchased 8 bags from you guys and they were exactly what I wanted. 
I got them and used them a few times and some of them starting tearing. I sent an email back to you and you responded and sent me 8 brand new bags. That was far more than what I expected to happen.  I will definitely be purchasing more from you.

Thank you,
Quintin Myers
Washington, Indiana



cornhole rocks.  i live in okalhoma city but lived in cincinnati for 21 years and everyone loves it ut here it reminds me tailgating before an OHIO STATE football game

Luke Johnson



I only just began playing Cornhole a couple of months ago but I am addicted to this fun and amazingly versatile game.  I take my boards and bags with me to parties and barbeques to the delight of all, and I tell them that is the best site to purchase their own boards and bags.  Keep the fun coming!

New York



We ordered your bags (Harley Davidson) for a cousin in Virginia, our daughter in Texas,  and then bought 4 sets for home.  Best quality ever!  I know how to sew, but why should I when yours are so good and easy to get!

Mary Kay Swadener



I purchased 2 sets last summer, and they've been great. I built the stands myself, after getting step by step instructions from you, and they've been a hit at my summer barbecues and parties. My horseshoe pits, go mostly unused with the corn hole game available.
Thanks again for a great product, and I could use a new set of bags. One of the bags was lost during my last

Jeffrey Scarlett



We have two sets of cornhole boards that travel between numerous families out here in Ontario,Ca.,This game has really been a hit with all ages...every October my family puts on a "harvest party"in our backyard that has a cornhole tournament,chjlj cook-off & games for the small kids.We have a fire pit that is surrounded by straw bales for seating and makes for a good "conversation "area.
   The main point is the cornhole activity is enjoyed by teenagers through seniors,everyone gets involved and has a really good time...or so they say!!! (we give out food prizes & starbuck`s cards to the champs and runner-ups) additional note, we enjoy this game so much that one tournament lasted into the night by the headlights of two cars in the front yard at one of our friends house...we just could`nt stop !!!

Shain & Denise Grow



I think the corn hole bags are great! Its a lot better than having the dust from the corn on the boards, which makes it a lot slicker. Thanks so much for a great product!

Brian Jones



I purchased a set of the Weather resistant Corn hole bags last year and they are Fantastic!  Once I have left them in the Yard over night and of course it rained but the bags were fine.  I have even washed them in the washing machine with no problem. (I did not dry them in the Dryer!)
These are a great buy and worth every penny.

Jim Woods
Ypsilanti, Michigan


I started playing cornhole about 4 years ago and I am still hooked. 
Since playing I have now built two of my own sets of boards. I have an even greater appreciation for the game after building my boards. Along with building boards I have tried building my own bags. I used all of the proper materials, but the bags I made just never held up long enough. I have now purchased two 4 sets of bags from and I couldn't be happier. The bags are very durable and I have not had any problems with them yet. I have recommened this site to many of my friends. Please keep up the good work.

Thank You,
Bob Feldkamp



I purchased a set of the bags a little while back. I have since retired the corn filled cornhole bags to be replaced only with the pellet version. If asked if I would do it again, YOU BET!. I love the throwing and hand feel the bags offer more-so than the corn fill. We are up to at least 40-50 matches so far with the pellet bags, and the best of all is ZERO breakdown of the material or inner pellets.
Thanks for selling these Bags!!!!!!!

Justin Kovarik



I can't say enough good things about you guys and how you helped me(inst. how to build,).By the way the boards turned out great.TY.Your weather rest. bags well i bought those also there also top notch.I better quit now people will think im working for you guys thanks you made my familys summer a lot more fun




I looked at many sites for a good set of cornhole boards and bags and as I looked over your site and saw how user friendly it was, clear and simple I also saw that your boards were simply a higher quality than many of the boards I saw on other sites. you explained the boards, the process of how they were made and you offered easy to read pages to learn about the game and the ordering process was quick and painless. Most other companies said 7 to 10 days and I ordered my boards and bags on Monday and they were at my house Friday. THE BOARDS WERE STRONG YET LIGHTWEIGHT. the PAINT JOB ON THEM WAS SMOOTH AND BLEMISH FREE. The bags were sewn tightly, strong and even. Great products, great service, great site. I will be ordering from you again.

Chuck Lundberg



I am extremely pleased with your bags and how well they have held up.  I tried the "do it yourself" approach and I just ended up spending alot of time on something that gave out after a long weekend of playing.  It wasn't until I realized how much time and money I would save by ordering from you.  Thanks again for everything.

Lucas Wenthe
Mt. Zion, IL



We love the corn hole bags and have not seen any wear and tear on them yet!

Shawna Plucinski
Barberton OH



We fell in love with this game in 2004.  We have had everyone we know from 80 to 1 1/2 playing at family gatherings.  My cornhole bags were hand made (with lots of love) BUT the corn, purchased from a "feed store" contained critters.  My bags now are half the size they once were and constantly kick up white powder when they hit the board.  They have been in the swimming pool (accident!).  My friend told me I needed to use shucked corn, not milled, or better yet buy the dried ears and do it yourself (sounds like fun).  I have a son-in-law who plays in local tournaments getting closer and closer to the big win.  I would love to try your bags, and will test them across the generations. 

Thank you
Julie Arnold



I would like to say that this game is the best game anyone could have.
what is nice about it that any age group can pay & it many hours of fun for all is had by playing this game.

Cindy Glenn
Carol Stream, IL


This is Tim H from San Diego and the weather-resistant cornhole bags I got from your cornhole store are amazing!  Even though it is almost always sunny in San Diego these bags have still been put to the test.  They have withstood many intense games on the beach showing no signs of wear from the sand, salt water, and the occasional 'drink' from the inexperienced throwers who miss the board (not me though of course).  Keep up the good work!  

Tim H
San Diego



I ordered a set of weather resistant cornhole bags from your online store. I received them in a reasonable fashion and the bags are perfect.  A+!!

Cory Spence



I was really impressed with the quality of the original corn hole bags I bought! However, not only did I leave them out in the rain, but while I was drying them out the squirrels got to them. Although I repaired them (sort of), it was a real pain in the neck. After I decided to build another set of boards, I got an email about the new weatherproof bags and IMMEDIATELY ordered a set! They look and feel like the old ones - but no more squirrels!!! Thank you. 

Ray Everett (Aurora, IL)




Joanne (Chicago, IL)



I received the weather resistant bags last week and found them to be not only weather resistant but "use resistant" as well. The original bags I purchased (from another company) only lasted two days before they split. We have had no problems withe the bags purchased from your company. Thanks.  

Howard F. Douglass



Just a little note to tell you how much i appreciate your site.  I have built two sets of cornhole in the past year.  Everyone that i know can't believe that i build these, not bought these.  your directions are simple to follow and they take very little build skills.  I have also purchased two sets of bags for these games.  I am also told by all my cornhole playing friends that there are the best quality bags they have ever used.  I recieved both sets of bags within a day of ordering.

Keep up the great work!!!!

Kevin Delaney
Wauconda, Illinois



Cornhole has become some sort of an extended family bonding tool. Going over to a relatives house someone would bring cornhole, usually play for fun, play till the sun goes down. But if its one of those weekends, play till the sun comes up. sometimes get large doubles tournaments going and end up with a pot of $200+ dollars. Without cornhole family get togethers would just be family get togethers.  

Thank you.
Caledonia, Michigan



Since I got my cornhole set it has become the life of the party...and not just my party. Almost everyone who has played at my house wants to borrow it for their party!  I have loaned it out many times and it was such a hit at my friends events that almost every one of them has purchased their own set too. I think the biggest reason it is so popular is that any age group can play. I've seen 6 year olds playing right along side of Grandpa and Grandma. My cornhole game has become the central attraction at so many parties I am considering buying another set just to keep up with the demand

Brian McAllister of Ypsilanti, Michigan






The reason I became interested in the the weather resistant bags with plastic pallets instead of corn is because of the following problem I encountered with the standard bags.  Some relatives recently visited us and we decided that it would be a good time to pull out the cornhole game that was put away last year.  The cornhole bags filled with corn were in a grocery store type plastic bag which was then left inside of a small carton box.  This box was then stored in our basement.  When I opened the box, I was shocked to find that the bags were completely destroyed by mold.  Obviously, our plans to play the cornhole game went down the drain.

Ron Domoleczny
Algonquin, Illinois



We have had so many good times playing cornhole, its great for family functions and is very addicting.  

Brent Schneider
   zanesville Oh



I wanted to tell you that the corn-hole bags are AWESOME!  I have received nothing but compliments since receiving these bags.  People are telling me that they are the most sturdy bags they have played with!  The quality of your product is UNMATCHED!  After playing corn-hole with your bags, my friends and acquaintances all plan on buying corn-hole bags from you when theirs need replacing!

Take care and thanks again for a great product!

Dave Willson
Strongsville, OH


I actually went specifically to your site to get the correct dimensions for making my own cornhole.  I was getting a bunch of different dimensions for how to make them and it wasn’t until I got to your site that I got the correct dimensions.  From you directions and dimensions, they were easy to make, but pretty plain when it comes to decoration.  Since I live in Chicago and I am a Cubs fan, they are Red and Blue.  They have gotten plenty of use this summer already and people like them so much better than the Baggo boards because the boards are pitched higher and the landing surface is longer.  My daughter is five and she loves it.  This is great for all ages and anyone can play.  

Brian Bilderback



I appreciate a business that will give me the information needed to build my own game and make my own bags.  My husband has the material and the tools to make the boards but I don't sew, so free bags would be great.  I would be proud to help promote your business.  We travel alot to concerts and Nascar races and we camp at them.  So free bags would be a delight!  Thank you so much for all your help!

Julie-Owensboro, Kentucky




Wow, what a great product we love these bags, we only had one problem as you mentioned a coon tried to get in ours and the little bugger was pretty resourceful, we store ours in a zippered weather resistant tote bag. We always put them away because of the corn and weather, but I didn't figure on critters at the place we were camping we usually know where they are bad and bring bag inside. Lucky for us your durable bags proved more challenging then our coon friend wanted, there were some loose threads and a couple bite marks but, not damaged enough that they can't be used. We have had lots of complements on bags, my hubby is very talented and made some awesomely real looking Colts football field boards, very detailed. People always stop and ask him where he got them and notice the nice heavy duty bags. So we hope we have sent you many a customer. Thanks again,  

Steve & Robin Whitaker
Nashville Indiana



I am a Chicago native and I love the game cornhole.  I currently live in metro Atlanta and  I introduced the games to my buddies who live in the Southeast during the Notre Dame vs. Georgia Tech football game last fall.  They have never heard of the game before and you guys sent me the exact dimensions to make my board.  After a couple hours, they were hooked and my buddies asked me where they could get the boards and I recommended you guys to them.  Its a great game and I am doing the best I can to promote your company and your website.  Thanks for all your help.

Mike Ryan
(Formerly Schaumburg, Il),
Monroe, Ga



I have found this site to be very helpful. I didn't know much about Corn-hole and found this site to be extremely useful in learning more about the game. When I decided to build my own set of boards, I came here to find the dimensions. I plan to try to make my own bags, but if that doesn't work out well, or if I lose them, I'll come here to purchase them. I am very impressed with the frequent e-mails I receive about new products, and was very happy to hear about the weather-proof bags, they sound very promising! 

-Dave, Penn Hills, PA



The bags I received have been great. I ordered the red and blue bags for st louis cardinals and kansas city royals.  We had our company summer party at the cardinals royals game and tailgated with the cornhole toss getting attention from everyone including other groups in the parking lot.  The bags have been great holding up to abuse from children so far and thanks for the product.

Drew Ruck 




I would like to say thank you for your prompt, courteous service.  Ordering is very easy and I am extremely pleased with the all weather bags I ordered.  I just ordered my second set !!  My friends and I play cornhole for hours on end several times a week and everyone now prefers the all weather bags to corn.  Keep up the good work !  

Gary Slates



Hello! My name is Ali Bhatti and I live in Batavia, IL.  I bought 8 corn-filled bags from your store, and have to say that I just love them!  I shopped around local stores, craft fairs, and other online stores, but only found bags that I thought would tear apart.  My friends have a set of bags they made on their own, and though they bough tough material and made them with two layers of fabric, the bags still tore within one year's use.  I've been using your bags pretty frequently this last summer, and the only "damage" has been a little dirt on the lighter colored bags!  It's a great relief to have something that I know won't break, because that allows me to let my younger cousins and other younger children play without worrying that they'll break the bags when they decide to just throw them instead of toss.  Anyway, thank you very much!

Ali Bhatti



Here in the little town of Franklin, VA we love corn-hole. We play every weekend. We set up tournaments and play all afternoon, but it doesn't stop there we have installed flood lights onto the side of our river house and play on into the night. Most weekends we have about six sets of boards set up so the tournaments will go by fast and everyone can play. Usually we charge a dollar or two per game and draw numbers to get our partners. This makes it fair for everyone. Corn-hole has really become our most favorite game. With family and friends it is something that we all enjoy doing. 

Jessica Barnes



We first started playing Cornhole this summer and we finally got tired of borrowing a set to play on.  We ordered 2 sets and my husband wants to try and make a 2 sets of the cornhole boards.  We have a barrel of fun playing and all the people from our campground have to stop by when se are playing and ask about the game.   Thanks so much.









I ordered two sets of bags with sports team logos for birthday presents for my husband and our teenage son who celebrate their birthdays on the 21st and 22nd of April.  I also ordered the beverage and scoring towers.  Well, the sporting bags were out of stock at the time and when I checked on the ordered and explained that they were needed for a backyard birthday BBQ, Dave took pity on me and sent a plain set to use for that weekend.  Eveyone who played that day commented on the quality of the bags and all were impressed with the weight. (Some felt that the better bags improved their game.)  It is now nearing the end of July and we did receive the sports logo bags and have enjoyed many hours of play with all bags.  The great thing is others always ask if we could please bring our bags to their house because everyone likes them better than the other bags they have found at stores.  I have given the website to several family and friends and have decided that my brother- in- law is getting a beverage tower for his next gift because he is always saying how great it is that his can does get knocked over. Thanks for making that birthday weekend a success and thanks for stocking such durable products.  Corn hole makes a great family game and a great way to enjoy the outdoors.

Park Ridge, IL



The cornhole bags are great...I purchased them in April and they are still going strong (have been through a lot of games too).  The new weather-resistant bags can only be better and if you're looking to purchase bags as a one time thing, then I'm sure the weather-resistant bags are the way to go.  Thanks again for everything!




we are very please with the other set we have recieved, the colors were exactly as we wanted and they are very durable and just the right size and weight. We are extremely satisified with out purchase and the quick response we recieved, thank you for all your help.

Peter Rumskey




When I decided it was time to have our own cornhole set, I thought about sewing my own bags. I was about to get the supplies when I found and considered just buying a set. After much debating, I decided to buy them, and am so glad I did. Not only did buying the bags online through save me time and energy, they are excellent quality, arrived fast and were the best deal for our money. Thank you again for doing the work for me. We have had so much fun. Now I am ready to buy a set for my in-laws.  Thanks again! 

Memphis, TN



My name is Juan and im from Montgomery IL .  Just wanted to let you know that the bags you sold me have worked out great.  I hope to do more business with you because you guy get my stuff out to me fast with out having to wait forever for them.  So thanks for everything and hope to do business with you soon.

Montgomery, IL



After getting introduced to the game by some friends, I set out to build our own set of boards.  I found the instructions/drawings available on your web site extremely easy to follow.  The results were fantastic and we have had several envious friends wonder where we "purchased" our game.  Thanks for the very clear, easy to follow instructions and materials list!

Kevin Gosser


We learned of corn hole from friends from OHIO . We decided we would make our own board - and that all went well. I had a girl I work with sew me bags with corn & correct dimensions - but… the bags started to fall apart, so I got socks & covered the bags - so we played “seasonal socks “ vs “ work socks” - until I finally got new bags . And we just played last night with about 20 adults introducing them to the game -  all asking about the game origin & some could not believe the internet/USA connection . So I am sure there will be more corn hole enthusiasts!!!
Sherry Boston



I would like to take this opportunity to let everyone know of the enjoyment my family has had with this Corn Hole game.
I originally purchased this game to be used as a lunch time entertainment for a large business meeting.  During the lunch break I viewed several of the attendees playing the game, laughing and having a great time.  When the meetings were all over and I had passed out the name of the company several times I took the game home.  My family doesn’t get the chance to get together often and when we did last I pulled out the Corn Hole game.  We played for hours enjoying the fun, relaxation and every ones company. 

If you are thinking about purchasing products from this company I highly recommend them.  They are high quality and the company stands behind all their products. You will not regret your purchase. 

Bill Weatherell
Olean, NY



I did not purchase the cornhole board from your web site.  However, I did get a lot of good information on how to build one and how to play the game.  After purchasing the bags from Dick’s sporting goods and playing for a two days, I had to return the bags to Dick’s sporting goods due a bag failure.  In fact 8 bags failed!  The outside lining started tearing after the 5th game we were playing.  When I returned to the product, the personnel at the counter just chuckled to herself.  When I inquired what she thought was funny, she stated that every box we sell comes back for the same reason.  The worst past is that this has been going on for months and they choose not to do anything about it.  As a result, I ordered two sets of your weather resistant bags on Friday.  I am looking forward to playing the game with these new bags.  You web site has been very useful in getting my family into this funny back yard game.




At family reunion this summer we had the cornhole game.  It was busy from sun up to sun down.  Major contests going on.  It was it hit of the reunion, kept the kids and the adults busy and envolved everyone in the cheering, or booing, of the winners.  Such a great game, we all liked it better than horseshoes as there was no danger of injuring the little ones.






Friend of mine in Kentucky made me aware of your gameing gear,I am in Lancaster, Calif.  Truly looks like a fun action packed game that most ages could play and its portable. If you folks could please put me in the raffle could be a game that sweeps the west coast. thank you for your time and a truly fun filled game 

Thanks again,  C.M.



Cornhole has become one of the great summer games to play around my area now. I started playing 4 years ago and it wasnt known very well by most people. But, with me and my buddies always bringing it to other peoples houses we got other people interested and it has only made my summers better. I can't thank the people before who spread the word enough to get cornhole where is it now and i am sure it is only going to increase in size. Just as important thought it manditory to have a well made board and bags on hand which is why i only buy the best.

La Crosse 


My testimony is actually pre-mature, but I have great plans on ways to use my Cornhole games.  In my church, I am very active in helping plan and execute activities. I have 4 cornhole boards and 4 sets of bags.   We are looking forward to eating and lot of good food and having a great time with our new sport games.

Rev Paul Harvey


I just finished building a corn-hole set for my house in MA from the plans on your site.  I have never seen anything like this game until I had a family visit to the Chicago area.  What a game!  Like horse shoes, but a lot more fun.  I built mine straight from your plans and it has worked out great!  It is a total hit here on the East coast and I have lots of friends that want one for themselves.  We just can't stop playing it.
Jeremy F.
Lowell, MA



Being a born and raised “east-side Cincinnatian”, your bags have helped to squelch the trash talk of my “west-side” friends during many of a “friendly” game.  The price was good, web access was great and home delivery took all the hard work out of receiving quality bags; allowing me to focus more on my game.  With fall coming up, I plan on getting on line right now to order a couple sets of your weather resistant bags.

Based on my past experience with your company, I trust I will receive a high quality product …again! 

Steve Donovan
“East-side” Cincinnati, Ohio



I have really enjoyed using you site, it is informative, and you have a good selection of accessories.  My buddy John and I decided to make a cornhole set about a year ago to bring camping with us.  your instructions came in very handy! 

thanks again,



I ordered 8 cornhole bags from you last week. You had the exact bags I wanted (Pittsburgh Steelers). I can't believe how quick I received the bags after ordering them (4 days). The quality of the corn hole bags are excellant. I'm enjoying using them and plan on telling all my friends about you products. Thanks for a great experience!!



We learned about Corn Hole while visiting relatives in Ohio.  We thought we ought to introduce the game to our family and friends in Colorado. We've had a great time with it.  Thanks for shipping our game so promptly.  It arrived in time for our family reunion
Bev and Reg Graham



I have very little experience with corn hole until last month.  I am orginally from Kentucky and live in upstate NY (in the boonies).  They had the game at a summer motion festival in Ashland Kentucky and i got to see the game and hear the rules.  My sister says everyone has one there and it is a major sport.....what NY doesnt know lol  I consider myself a hillybilly and this is a wonderful game to show everyone up here what us Southerns are made of.  I was in walmart and seen a game very very similar to cornhole but called sports toss and it was not an attractive set.  We are looking into building our own set soon (as soon as boyfriend finds some time off of work) and show all around here what it is.  Just thinking maybe i will be the one who starts it up this way.  That is how i came to your site.  I am looking forward to showing these northerns what cornhole is all about.

Kimberly Osburn
Comstock NY



I got a set of your cornhole bags last summer, and they were great.  By far the best quality bags i have ever owned.  I have and will continue buing  and recomending your products to others. 

Broadway VA



I have ordered numerous sets of bags and 2 sets of boards to give as gifts.  What a hit!  The bags are of top quality, service the same.  Thanks for ease in ordering.


Awesome... Simply awesome!  The bags I ordered from your website are the greatest!  Tough and consistent from the first throw to the last, the bags look great and slide perfectly into the hole.  Each bag feels and plays identical to the next.  Top quality at a great price.  Thanks for making such a quality product.
Dean Belknap
Edmond, OK



I made some but were not good so I ordered from your company. They are great. No one down here has ever heard of this game so we brought out the boards and your bags on Mem Day cookout. People went crazy. We plan on having a get together on Labor Day weekend..on and everyone else there is invited! Please come. Well anyway, the quality of the bags are very, very good. Your employee that answered my phone call was very polite and helpful. You shipped right out as I was calling late in the week. I appreciated that.

Margie Brooks



Last year we ordered a board and set of bags from you and received it just in time for a big family gathering.  The first thing that people said to us as were playing cornhole was the fact that our boards were so nice and they liked the colors we chose.  We chose scarlet and gray bags and painted board.  Everyone was asking where we bought it and I told them about your site.  Since then, we are able to travel with our boards anytime we go to a friend’s house because the legs fold down which makes it easy to store in the trunk.  The boards are strong, and have withstood lots of small children walking up and down the boards and of course lots of cornhole games!  If we were to by a second set of bags and board, we would choose orange and brown in honor of our home team, The Cleveland Browns!  Thank you for delivering a quality product that we have been able to share with others time and time again!  Cornhole is sweeping the nation! 



Last summer I took my kids to the lake for vacation. I also brought my cornhole game with the "Real Corn" filling.
The kids played for a while and had fun, but then decided that it would be more fun to throw the bags in the lake.
Well needless to say the corn swelled and ruined the bags with mold and rotten corn.
I found with an online search. They had every color I could imagine of these so-called "Weather Resistant Bags". I have used these bags at every Patriots game since then, Rain or Shine. These things are awesome and they colormatched the material to my boards.We have played cornhole in some serious Slush and Snow as well with never a problem, and they dry out fast.
Keith H.
East Bridgewater,MA


The bags I bought from you work great!  Not only do I use the bags, but I have two sons, one that is almost 2 and a 3 1/2 year old, that love to play.  They are very hard on toys and your bags are no exception.  The bags look the same they did the day they arrived at my house.  Thank you for a quality product.
Surprise, AZ