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Weather Resistant Bags Lighter Than Corn Filled Cornhole Bags:: My comments and the comments from others are: Different feel and heft, little lighter than Cornhole Bags filled with corn, don't seem to "stick" to the board quite as well.

What A Great Game For Kids:: I got into playing Cornhole about 8 years ago. built my first set of boards and hand sewn my own first set of Cornhole Bags. What a great game for small kids to play also.

What did your father just say! He beat Matt @Cornhole??:: My husband and a few of his buddies have entered a BBQ Contest. A couple of Saturdays back they had their first practice at Ralph's house. Their son kept asking the guys if they wanted to play a game of Cornhole

Woods Class Project:: My son took on a project in Woods Class to build Cornhole games for one of his teachers. He had promised the games by 12/18 to be completed for his teacher, since the teacher was giving them as a Christmas gift.

You tried the rest, now try the BEST:: I was truly sick and tired of repairing bags during the game. I actually had to keep a stapler with me next to the game and when a bag broke I could do an on the spot fix (which lasts about 3 throws)

Your Bags Are The Best:: I recevied my set of 8 Cornhole Bags yesterday, on time and delivered safely at my front door as promised. I ordered 4 green and 4 gray, I liked the different color selections. The best part, is they are perfect!

Your best bet!:: I did a bit of shopping around, as I am newly introduced to the Cornhole game. I found the best value for bags right here.

Bucket-o-bags to go please!:: I was very pleased with your product and service thus far. I played this game for the first time a month ago at a neighbors house.

cornhole bags for 2009 summer:: I would like to start off by saying that I am very impressed and appreciative of the service of your company. And I am not writing this to get free Cornhole bags because I would have wrote Dave an email either way.

Cornhole game was a big hit in our family on Memorial Day:: I learned just a few days before the weekend that I would be having a cookout on Memorial Day weekend .

Great High School Graduation Gifts:: As Graduation approached for my high school son I realized that he would need something to give as gifts to his friends when he was invited to the many parties this summer.

I had to learn the hard way:: Last year, at the bar I frequent, a gentlemen brought a couple of huge pieces of wood with holes in them, 8 bags filled with what felt like beans in the front door with him. We were all wondering what was going on

My weather resistant bags and playing cornhole.:: I wanted to tell you a story about how Cornhole has brought my mother and father closer with my children, myself and husband.

Penguins and cornhole...what a party!:: I built a spec set of Cornhole boards over the Memorial Day weekend. Since you cannot purchase the beanbags anywhere in the general area in my city in PA, I had to resort to the internet.

SC Cornhole Games is #1 in my book!:: I found Cornhole games through Google looking for plans so my husband could build a set and was looking for bags (since I really can't sew).

The Best CornHole Weather Proof Bags Ever:: This is the best corn hole bags i have foundto use. I found them while searching the internet for new bags to order. the ones that came with my boards well !!!!!They just did not last long at all..

The Discovery of Cornhole...:: My daughter, attending Western Michigan University, called home before a return visit to ask if I could help her make a "Bags Game" as a surprise birthday present for her boyfriend when she got home.

Bringing Cornhole to Georgia:: I have a brother in-law (in Indiana) who introduced my family to the Cornhole game. Two yrs. ago me and my family moved to Georgia.

THIS GAME IS A BLAST!:: At our Family Thanksgiving someone brought a cornhole game. We all were going what is this and by the end of the afternoon everyone wanted their own set.

The CornHole game:: I am a older person, 68 years young and I have many friends who are in their 20's and that is how I first got going on the bean bags game.

The Early Christmas Gift:: I had recently ordered two sets of bags from your company. They were to be a Christmas gift for my husband. He is very hard to buy for, but the ONLY thing he specifically asked for this Christmas season was new cornhole bags for his game.

Hello from sunny Cali:: That's when I made my decision that the bean bag toss game was the ticket. Now to try and find the best place to get boards and bags.

PICKY ABOUT QUALITY, so my family tells me:: Upon going to a family picnic, there was a new game everyone was playing, called Cornhole. After playing the game, my whole family was hooked. We talked about how to make the boards and the bags.

SC is the best (and not just because we have the same initials):: A few months back, I visited a friend of mine who hearkens from the mid-West and was introduced to my new favorite time-vacuum, Cornhole!

Amazing Service:: I needed some duck canvas cornhole bags, and I needed them quickly, I had about 8 days before my big tailgate party.

#1 Montana Cornholer:: One of my favortie hobbies. I mean what guy has never thought of ... I digress. What I meant to say was that I ordered a package of Cornhole bags only (no filler)online

#1 Montana Cornholer:: One of my favortie hobbies. I mean what guy has never thought of ... I digress. What I meant to say was that I ordered a package of Cornhole bags only (no filler)online

A Cornhole of His Own:: My husband may be the most difficult man in America to shop for. He gives no clues as to what he wants for Christmas and if I come up with a good idea

Customer Service A+:: Just wanted to let everyone know that the Cornhole products from are the best around.

A new found love for the game:: I bought my Cornhole Bags from sccornholegames. I was very impressed with the value and quality of the bags we recieved. We have a large family and play cornhole all of the time.