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About SC Cornhole Games

Our History

Back in 2003, most people who wanted a cornhole set needed to either find a local mom/pop builder or figure out how to make a cornhole set themselves.  At the time, there were a handful of retailers selling online, but the wait times were long because they were essentially still a one person operation.  Being huge fans of the game, and seeing increased demand, we started SC Cornhole Games in 2004 with the goal of selling high quality cornhole gear through the US.  

From the minute our "doors" opened, we knew that there was a huge demand for high quality cornhole products.  At first we started selling traditional corn-filled cornhole bags and cornhole sets.  In 2007, we debuted our Weather Resistant Cornhole Bag, which was one of the first product that replaced the corn-filling in order to create a more long-lasting cornhole bag.  Although it took quite a few years for the traditionalists to embrace, plastic filling is now the standard throughout the cornhole industry.  Recently we also launched the SC Cornhole Professional Cornhole Bags, which aims to deliver the highest quality cornhole bag at a price that is affordable for the masses.

SC Cornhole Games is based out of the Chicago suburbs.  Our family owned business has, over the years, literally sold millions of cornhole bags all over the world to both customers and retailers.  If you ever have a question or an issue with one of our products, feel free to contact us!  

Contact Information

Hours of Operation:

Monday Thru Friday:  9:00am to 5:00pm CST

Saturday:  10:00am to 1:00pm CST

Sunday: Closed

Ways To Contact Us:

By Phone: 708-320-8202

By Email:


Shipping & Returns

At SC Cornhole Games, we understand that you have many options when it comes to shopping for cornhole bags.  As a result, we want to make sure everything about your shopping experience exceeds your expectations.  Everything from the experience on the website, to the prices you pay, shipping time, and the quality of the products.  Here are the general guidelines of the order process and shipping times, so you can know when your product will arrive.  All of our products are stocked in our facility, so anything you see for sale on the website is available and ready to ship.  

Handling Time:

If received prior to 2:00, your order will be shipped out the same business day.  

How We Ship:

Cornhole Bags - 99% of orders will include FREE 2-day shipping on all cornhole bags.  If you are ordering multiple sets, it may need to be shipped ground, which typically will arrive to most locations within 2-3 days.

Cornhole Boards- All Cornhole Boards/Sets are shipped out via Fedex Ground and generally arrive within 1-4 days.

After You Place Your Order:

Immediately after placing your order, you will receive a confirmation.  Once your order is processed, you will receive a shipping confirmation that will include the carrier and the tracking number.  If placed during the week, this generally will be sent within a few hours of placing your order.

Rush Orders:  

If it's a rush, you can call us (708-320-8202) or email us to see if your order will arrive in time.  Or you could always place the order and put in the comments when you need the order by.  If we're able to meet that date, we'll send the order out right away.  If we're not, we'll get in touch with you to let you know.


Our goal when you purchase from us is for you to be 100% satisfied.  When you receive your order, we ask that you inspect the product for defects that may have occurred during shipping so we can get it taken care of immediately.  All products are eligible for returns within 30 days of purchase.  All cornhole bags are eligible for a 365 day warranty, if you have questions, please feel free to contact us at   



Q-Why should I purchase from SC Cornhole?

A-We have been selling cornhole bags and boards online since 2004 and now sell millions of cornhole bags to customers around the world.  If you have questions about your products, you can call or email and talk with someone that is knowledgeable about what we are selling.  That is definitely not something you are going to get with any large e-commerce website and most cornhole sites are too small to be able to answer the phone or email promptly.  Also, our cornhole bags have been used for almost 20 years at large scale tournaments, retail stores, our customers, and cornhole builders.  They continue to come back because the quality can be trusted and they know we stand behind our products.  Most of the products you buy from large e-commerce stores are cheap products that were imported with no quality control.  

Q-Do you sell professional cornhole bags?  

There are certain cornhole organizations that have professional leagues that you may see in local tournaments or on television.  If you want to complete in those leagues, you will need a cornhole bag that has been approved by that organization.  Part of the approval process requires that the bags retail at a higher price point, this is typically why you see that PRO style cornhole bags are selling for $40 for a Set of 4.  At SC Cornhole Games, we do not seek a stamp of approval from those organizations because it's not necessary for 99.99% of our customer base.  If you are not planning on playing in those tournaments and just want a premium style of cornhole bag, then you can check out our Professional Cornhole Bags.  These are 6x6", 15-16 ounces, plastic filling, a "slick" side and a "stick" side.  They are slightly more expensive than our traditional cornhole bags, but when you get the bags you will be able to feel the difference.  These bags will give you all the upside of a professional bag, but without the cost of the certification stamp.  

Q-Can I return my bags or boards?

A-For cornhole boards, we ask that you inspect the boards within 5 days of receiving them.  If there is damage during shipping, we need to contact the carrier to make the claim and then we can proceed with sending out a replacement set.  Outside of that initial period, all sales are final. Cornhole bags may be returned within 30 days of PURCHASE for any reason.  If you have a warranty claim and need a replacement, please contact us and we'll let you know the next steps.  All cornhole bag purchases have a 365 day warranty! 

Q-Do you allow pickups on orders?

A-No, we operate out of a facility that is not open to the public, but we do offer free shipping on everything!

Q-How much do your cornhole bags weigh?

A-Our bags weigh between 14-16 ounces. We aim to get our bags as close to 1 pound without overstuffing the bag. Since the size of the cornhole bag is extremely important (i.e. you can't have your bags larger than 6"x6" or risk the bag not being able to fit in the hole), we put as much corn into the bag without overstuffing it.

Q-What are your cornhole bags made of? What are they filled with?

A-Our bags are made with high quality 12 ounce canvas (regulation). The bags are then filled with whole feed corn or recycled plastic filling (if you choose weather resistant bags).  

Q-How do the weather resistant bags differ from the corn filled bags?

A-Our weather resistant bags are meant for customers who want to avoid having issues if the bags get wet or if they've had past problems with critters getting into the bags for the corn.  The weather resistant bags are exactly the same material, size, and weight of the corn-filled bags.  The only difference is that they are filled with a plastic filling

Q-What's your warranty on your cornhole bags?

A-We offer a 365 day warranty on all cornhole bags purchased through our store. See above for return policy. Any unfilled bags do not come with any guarantee.   

Q-Do you offer cornhole bags with team logos or cornhole boards with painted logos?

A-Since we are not officially licensed to sell NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, or NCAA products, we do not offer them for sale in our store.  Typically, cornhole bags made out of that material will not hold up to play on rougher terrain.   

Q-Where are you located? What is your phone number?

A-We operate out of a facility located in the Chicago suburbs.  Our phone number is 708-320-8202, call any time with questions!

Q-How quickly will my order ship?

A-Orders ship out within 1 business day, however there are certain cases where we are backordered for certain color bags.  When this happens we will hold your order until that color becomes available.  If you don't have a preference, then please indicate on your order form and we will ship your order out of the available colors.


Wholesale & Dropship Information

SC Cornhole Wholesale/Dropship Program:

If you're a cornhole board builder, retail store owner, or own a cornhole retail store, please contact us  to discuss opportunities for your business. Some of the advantages include:

-Tier pricing based on purchase volumes.

-LTL and Full Truck shipments to save on shipping expenses.

-First access to product launches and discounts.

-Ability to dropship products directly to your customers quickly at our low shipping rates.  



Customer Testimonials

Over the years, we've collected thousands of customer testimonials from satisfied customers.  No matter where you look on the internet (Etsy, Amazon, Ebay, etc), you'll find strong reviews from customers based on the customer service, shipping speed, and quality of the products.  Here is just a small sampling of some of the testimonials we've received over the years, but feel free to check out the much longer list here.  


Your company is great. When I have had a question you were so quick to reply, it felt like it was instantaneous! Your website has tons of information and lots of varieties of supplies. I wouldn't buy from anywhere else!!

Akron, Ohio

I ordered a set of bags over a year ago. They are still in very good shape, even after the punishment and abuse of neices and nephews and my teenagers and friends. They were even left out a few times in the bad weather and held up and played nicely afterwards. Thanks for a great product!

Dave Cimini

I ordered 2 cornhole sets from SC Cornhole. They were delivered within the week. Shipped in perfect condition as promised. They were gifts for my two son -in- laws and they have thoroughly enjoyed them this spring and summer. Great price for a great product with great communication. I would strongly recommend doing business with this company. (I had a bad experience with another cornhole company on the internet, USE THIS ONE, TRUST ME!) I will buy my cornhole bags from them when they need replaced and recommend them to my friends.


The bags are great they broke in within a few games and have been outstanding ever since. We play 5 nights a week and the bags are still in great condition, no snags or tears. I could not find another set of bags on the internet as cheaply priced as yours with the same quality and durability. Keep up the good work!

Chicago, IL

I found your site, ordered the game, and the fast delivery time thrilled us! Now, each summer night, after dinner, we are outside playing Cornhole! Even with just the 2 of us, we have a blast. we are having a large group over in a few weeks, and we are actually excited about introducing our newly found game to our family and friends.
thanks, for a great, healthy, family type of game!

Carol and Tom Kelly

My experience has been without a doubt the best ever with you guys and your products!! No words for it. Unbelievable customer service!!

Jason Starwalt
Windsor, IL

The weather resistant bags have been a big hit at numerous open houses I have been attending. Thank you very much, I can now play rain or shine.

Chase Barnett
Lebanon, IN