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The Cornhole Queen 1:: Being an avid college football fan in the South, I'd seen Cornholeáplayed on multiple occasions at various sporting games I attended.

The perfect birthday gift 1:: My nephew wanted to learn more about woodworking. He is 18 years old. I asked my neighbor if he would help my nephew buildáCornholeágame boards (since he and his best buddies enjoy that so much).

Your Corn Hole Bags Rock1:: My kids turned me on to your site as they just loaded up with a set ofáCornhole Bagsáthat we played with on Father's Day.

A 4th of July Hit1:: I ordered the game Wednesday before the 4th of July weekend totally expecting the game would not be here on for our party on Sunday, but I wanted the game for future get togethers.

Beer drinkin' country boy:: I first saw the game played at a gathering of maintenance men from the automotive glass factory where I spend almost every day of the year.

Corn Hole Fan1:: Started playing the game when my parents bought a set to play at a get together. Loved the game when I first played it.

Cornhole Over Horseshoes 1:: I was introduced to cornhole a few years ago during a 4th of July picnic in the backyard of my employer, with many of my fellow co-workers.

Cornhole Tournaments 1:: We pretty much spent the rest of the weekend playing cornhole and even had a double elimination team tournament.

Family Vacations 1:: My family takes a summer vacation together most summers. Some of us live in Atlanta while others are in the city of St Louis.

High School Reunion 1:: Well this is how i discovered the Corn Hole Game. I was at my 20th year high school reunion mingleing with all my old high school friends

The Best Cornhole Experience Ever:: This is the second time I have ordered bags from your company, and the service is excellent. Delivery has always been within 72 hours or sooner and there has never been a mistake with the orders.

The game of cornhole is everywhere:: We have a time share at the beach and two years ago they added the game of cornhole. My family and I immediately loved the game and spent countless hours during the week playing the game

A Cornhole Home Run!!:: I was introduced to the game Cornhole about 2 years ago now. My wife bought a tailgate toss game for me for Christmas last year.