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IT'S CHANGED OUR LIVES!!!!!:: I had to quickly scramble to find a set for my boyfriendÆs birthday when another company fell through.

Just purchased from website for 1st time:: I actually got quite a few compliments on the durability and quality of the bags and even helped a friend order his own set of bags during the party!

Lots of Fun!!:: I received my bags the following afternoon and practiced with them that evening.

love the sacks!!:: The boards are unpainted for now. Before the next college football season begins these boards will be Red and Black with a big G for Georgia.

MDW fun:: My husband and brother love this game.... They have everybody in Texas wanting to have this cornhole game

My husband thinks I'm great!!!:: This Cornhole Bag buying experience was nothing short of perfect. The selection was great and the choices were quite easy to make.

Nice Bags:: I was referred to SC Cornhole Games by a friend who said they have the best bags he has seen.

On there way again:: I ended up ordering bags from, and they were great. They arrived quickly, and the quality is superb.

Patriots / Red Sox Fan:: Everyone thinks that sees my boards loves them, especially if they are PBR fans.

Quick and Easy:: Ordering was easy - - shipping of the Cornhole gear was fast! I couldn't be happier with the transaction!!

SATISFIED CUSTOMER!:: I am a because of the way you handled my order in a quick and timely manner. The quality of your Cornhole Game products was great with the best price I have seen.

Shipped in time for 4th of July party!!!:: I have ordered several Cornhole Bag sets from SC Cornhole Games and I have NEVER been disappointed with their quality of work or the timeliness of the delivery.

Surprise Disney Cornhole Boards:: After reviewing serveral Corn hole game sites I decided to order bags from your site.


That's me!!!!:: At a corn hole picnic last weekend - the Corn hole Bags were the winners!!

They back their bags!:: Since I've retired in 2005 I began looking for things to do. In the summer of 2006 I experienced my first Cornhole game.

Unfilled Cornhole Bags:: I used your plans to build a couple of sets for use as part of my PE program. I made two regulation size and two smaller ones.

Very pleased:: I had a party in a week, and wanted new bags. I ordered the bags from your SC Cornhole Games site over others in the hope that your claim of a quick ship was true, and it was! I got the bags in 2 days!

Weather Resistant Corntoss Bags:: i have built 5 sets of Corn hole games i have order from different companies these bags are far from the best.

Who knew Tinley Park had a whole warehouse dedicated to Bean Bags and games!:: I was very pleased with the quality, and price for the Cornhole Bags i ordered. They also only took 3 days to arrive, so that was very convenient also!

Bringing Cornhole to Georgia:: I have a brother in-law (in Indiana) who introduced my family to the Cornhole game. Two yrs. ago me and my family moved to Georgia.

corn-hole-frenzy1:: Sounds like something Beavis and Butthead used to say. I had no idea it was actually a game that can be played. I first learned about corn hole four summers ago.

Corn Hole Fun:: On June 17, 2010 as part of the celebration of my girl friends birthday, we went to the Pirates Den for dinner in Fairview Beach, Maryland. The dining is outside on the water and the Pirates Den had twoáCornhole Boards setup.

CORN HOLE QUEEN 1:: I just discovered the game of cornhole last night at a girlfriends housewarming party! Two tosses in and I was hooked.

Cornhole foursome becomes a wedding party years later:: Growing up first in the deep south and then in the rural, ranching and mining Southwest, I'd never seen or heard of Cornhole.

Cornhole in the Shenandoah Valley:: The three games that are popular in my area of Virginia include Washer Toss (redneck horse shoes), Ladder Ball, and Cornhole.

Paradise in Ohio:: The first time I ever played cornhole was in Marblehead, OH. Marblehead is a small community on the Sandusky Bay.

Cornhole Gaming Mom 1:: Found your cornhole bags online, liked what I read and decided to order a set. Since that first set, I've ordered two additional sets.

Great game for any age:: My husband and I first played cornhole at our son's house in Florida. We are both in our 60's and are do-it-yourselfers

The Best CornHole Bags Ever 1:: I want to thank your company first for no shipping...that is always a bonus when you have to order things through the mail.