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Your Corn Hole Bags Rock!

by The Dills 
(High Point, NC)
My kids turned me on to your site as they just loaded up with a set of Cornhole Bags that we played with on Father's Day. I just ordered a set and found your site to be very user friendly. To think I paid $25 for a set a Sports Authority only to have them bust open after the first week. You guys rock it!
All Weather Corn Hole Set

by Hans Buflod 
(Waynesville, Ohio)
I purchased an "All weather" Cornhole Sets for my kids for Christmas this year. It was a last minute idea and I ordered it on 12/21 was very pleased that it arrived two days later on 12/23. The kids had a great time and have played it for hours as have I. It is good to find a game that the whole family can play together and that it is not another computer or electronic game! I like that the all weather Cornhole Boards are light weight and easy to move and store. They should last a lifetime with no molding/warping/peeling/ or painting.
I would highly recommend this set!
SC Cornhole games score well

by Dave Erdmann 
(Frederick, Maryland)
About six months ago I was searching the internet for information and Cornhole game products. Everyone and their relatives think they can build cornhole boxes. In my opinion when I'm looking at product websites the design and ease of use aspects are a direct indication of the quality of the product and integrity of the company. It was very easy for me to choose SC Cornhole Games as my supplier.
My first ordering experience was simply for a set of bags. I could build the best quality boxes in the business but if the bags don't hold up. The boxes are useless. I've never had a problem with the sturdy canvass bags I've received from SC. As the demand for my custom cornhole games grew I quickly took advantage of the volume discounts, coupons and rapid delivery of SC's products. Being able to receive my orders quickly keeps me from holding inventory. That's HUGE for a small business! Receipt of SC Cornhole products consistently falls within my product build cycle time. 
I've only had occassion to need Customer Service once but they responded as I expected. I had requested a bag color that wasn't available. Instead of getting involved in a time consuming e-mail question and answer session Customer Service explained why the color wasn't available, substituted a color based on my purchase history and shipped it. That thoughtful decision kept my delivery on schedule. 

I'm looking forward to a great spring season which brings increased orders. I know I can count on SC Cornhole to support my business again this year.