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C2>Your best bet!

 Your best bet!

by Chad 
(Pasadena, Md)
I did a bit of shopping around, as I am newly introduced to the Cornhole game. I found the best value for bags right here. I also benefited from all of the information on this site about Cornhole, how to build the boards , how to play, etc. I received my bags in just a few days after ordering and was so surprised at how accurate the colors were represented on the website. A perfect match. My family has been using our new Cornhole bagsa lot, they hold up very well. I ordered the bags that are treated for weather and I have been really impressed. They have gotten wet and didn't shrink, or fade, or get soft. We have an eight year old who is very rough on everything, as little boys tend to be. He and his friends have really given these bags a beating but they look and feel just as good as the day they arrived. I don't expect to need new bags anytime soon, but if we decide to build another set of boards I will definetely be coming back toSC Cornhole Games for these high quality bags, and their superb service!