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C2>Your Bags Are The Best

Your Bags Are The Best

I recevied my set of 8 Cornhole Bags yesterday, on time and delivered safely at my front door as promised. I ordered 4 green and 4 gray, I liked the different color selections. The best part, is they are perfect! Literally, right out of the box, we played a game. They are very durable, the difference in the material alone from the previous (store bought) set I had is amazing. I didn't know there would be such a difference in the material. The "generic" set I had, we knew the weight couldn't be right, and when I got these and compared, literally the "generic" set was nearly 1/2 the weight. It was nice to throw with the right bags for the 1st time! 
Cornhole is a great family game, and provides hours of family fun together, even though sometimes, our games, get a little intense for the loosers side (typically me!). We have boards, we have the correctly weighted and durable bags,,,,,now all we need is the elite scoreboard with drinkholders! We are going on vacation to the lake for a week of relaxation, and the kids can't wait to playCornhole with their grandparents while we are there.
If your family don't cornhole, you don't know what you are missing!