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 Woods Class Project

by Lynn 
My son took on a project in Woods Class to build Cornhole games for one of his teachers. He had promised the games by 12/18 to be completed for his teacher, since the teacher was giving them as a Christmas gift. And of course I was not informed of this new deadline until the 14th. 
I had 4 days to get this going and new I would have to make a trip out of town to get fabric since we do not have a fabric store in the town we live in. 
Prior to me ordering the bags we priced them at a sporting goods store and on the internet. I also went to various fabric stores looking for duck cloth. Purchasing pre-made bags were too costly and the fabric stores did not carry duck cloth. 
I found your SC Cornhole website and took a chance at ordering the unfilled bags on Thursday 12/14, hoping they would arrive in time for me to fill and sew them by Wednesday morning the 18th. 
I was so excited to receive them on Monday the 16th. I did not want to disappoint my son even though I was not planning at all to have bags made by his deadline. 
So, the bags arrived and they are great.
I plan on having my son make more cornhole game boards for his grandpa and I will certainly order from you again. 
P.S. Free shipping was a bonus too since we were trying to keep the cost down on this project. 
Thanks so much!