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C2>What a great game for kids

 What a great game.

by Darren Putnam 
(Asheville, NC USA)
I got into playing Cornhole about 8 years ago. built my first set of boards and hand sewn my own first set ofCornhole Bags. What a great game for small kids to play also. We used to throw horse shoes all the time, then the kids came along and you know how those let devils will just walk right into the path of a game. When i found this game and after being lured into how great it is, I immediatly saw how the benefit of a corn bag to the head would be a lot better than a hors shoe to the head or shin.
I ordered my first set of Cornhole Bags from your company and greatly pleased with the quality and the durability. I have bought several sets for my friends and my self. You can never have enough bags. I recomend having two to three sets and at least two sets of boards. When we have a cookout or a party at the house, the game is so addictive that all want to play. With having people waiting around and hurrying games, i quickly realized the need for more than one set and having a few extra bags for the little ones to pretend and toss with each other like th big kids.
By the way the horse shoes have been sold in the yard sale a couple of years ago.
Thanks for the great, durable and quality product.