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C2>The Early Christmas Gift

 The Early Christmas Gift

by Mandy Howard Sides 
(China Grove, NC, USA)
I had recently ordered two sets of bags from your company. They were to be a Christmas gift for my husband. He is very hard to buy for, but the ONLY thing he specifically asked for this Christmas season was newcornhole bags for his game. 
Well, I ordered them on a Friday, I believe, and received them early the next week. Needless to say, the order processing and shipping of your company is flawless. I was pleased to be able to track the progress of the shipping process through UPS. It is always comforting to know where your package is and that your order has been processed and not lost in cyberspace... as can and HAS happened to many of us. 
Well, back to the story. I wrapped the box, (beautifully I might add), and placed it under the tree. When my husband came home from work that day I casually pointed out his gift, which was the only one under the tree at the time. He picked it up, inspected it, shook it and of course wondered what it was... you know, the usual "present once-over", as I tend to call it.
That was it, all was well and we went to sleep that night; me being very pleased and excited about the gift I knew he would appreciate the most. 
The next morning I was awoken by shouts of laughter. Of course in my sleepy fog, I was alarmed, and jumped from bed, running into the family room to find my husband doubled over, laughing his butt off! My "BAD, BAD DOGS!" had tag teamed my beautifully wrapped gift. They had chewed, clawed and torn the wrapping paper from the box. Then, SOMEHOW, they managed to eat through the packaging, which was very secure, being taped and sealed within an inch of it's life by your company, and had the cornhole bags strewn across the living room with various slobber and drool marks on each one. My only guess is that they had each taken one bag at a time out of the box, chewed on it, set it aside and helped themselves to another, and another... and another! 
I'm pleased to report that the bags withstood any abuse they received from the sharp, not so tiny teeth of a one-eyed Shih tzu and one FEISTY Cocker Spaniel. Aside from some spots that were wet, but not soaked through due to fact that the bags are I assume, weather resistant, they are in PERFECT condition. 
So, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the virtually indestructible quality of your bags. My husband was pleased with his gift, and apparently the dogs approve also. We look forward to enjoying these bags many, many times through the years with our friends and relatives, and the story of the "attack" these bags withstood will be told each and every time we play the game. 
I will refer SC Cornhole Games to anyone who expresses interest in the game and I'll be sure to emphasize the quality of the bags. 
We will be sure to order any and all replacement parts and accessories for our game from your company as I was very pleased with the prompt service and quality of the product. Only next time, I will not bother with the wrapping paper, tape, bows and all that good stuff!!!
Thank you for the opportunity to tell my story,
Mandy Howard Sides, a lifelong customer.