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I actually went specifically to your site to get the correct dimensions for making my own cornhole.  I was getting a bunch of different dimensions for how to make them and it wasn’t until I got to your site that I got the correct dimensions.  From you directions and dimensions, they were easy to make, but pretty plain when it comes to decoration.  Since I live in Chicago and I am a Cubs fan, they are Red and Blue.  They have gotten plenty of use this summer already and people like them so much better than the Baggo boards because the boards are pitched higher and the landing surface is longer.  My daughter is five and she loves it.  This is great for all ages and anyone can play.  
Brian Bilderback
I appreciate a business that will give me the information needed to build my own game and make my own cornhole bags.  My husband has the material and the tools to make the boards but I don't sew, so free bags would be great.  I would be proud to help promote your business.  We travel alot to concerts and Nascar races and we camp at them.  So free bags would be a delight!  Thank you so much for all your help!
Julie-Owensboro, Kentucky
Wow, what a great product we love these bags, we only had one problem as you mentioned a coon tried to get in ours and the little bugger was pretty resourceful, we store ours in a zippered weather resistant tote bag. We always put them away because of the corn and weather, but I didn't figure on critters at the place we were camping we usually know where they are bad and bring bag inside. Lucky for us your durable bags proved more challenging then our coon friend wanted, there were some loose threads and a couple bite marks but, not damaged enough that they can't be used. We have had lots of complements on bags, my hubby is very talented and made some awesomely real looking Colts football field boards, very detailed. People always stop and ask him where he got them and notice the nice heavy duty bags. So we hope we have sent you many a customer. Thanks again,  
Steve & Robin Whitaker
Nashville Indiana
I am a Chicago native and I love the game cornhole.  I currently live in metro Atlanta and  I introduced the games to my buddies who live in the Southeast during the Notre Dame vs. Georgia Tech football game last fall.  They have never heard of the game before and you guys sent me the exact dimensions to make my board.  After a couple hours, they were hooked and my buddies asked me where they could get the boards and I recommended you guys to them.  Its a great game and I am doing the best I can to promote your company and your website.  Thanks for all your help.
Mike Ryan
(Formerly Schaumburg, Il),

Monroe, Ga