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I received the weather resistant bags last week and found them to be not only weather resistant but "use resistant" as well. The original bags I purchased (from another company) only lasted two days before they split. We have had no problems withe the bags purchased from your company. Thanks.  
Howard F. Douglass
Just a little note to tell you how much i appreciate your site.  I have built two sets of cornhole in the past year.  Everyone that i know can't believe that i build these, not bought these.  your directions are simple to follow and they take very little build skills.  I have also purchased two sets of cornhole bags for these games.  I am also told by all my cornhole playing friends that there are the best quality bags they have ever used.  I recieved both sets of bags within a day of ordering.
Keep up the great work!!!!
Kevin Delaney
Wauconda, Illinois
cornhole has become some sort of an extended family bonding tool. Going over to a relatives house someone would bring cornhole, usually play for fun, play till the sun goes down. But if its one of those weekends, play till the sun comes up. sometimes get large doubles tournaments going and end up with a pot of $200+ dollars. Without cornhole family get togethers would just be family get togethers.  
Thank you.
Caledonia, Michigan
Since I got my cornhole set it has become the life of the party...and not just my party. Almost everyone who has played at my house wants to borrow it for their party!  I have loaned it out many times and it was such a hit at my friends events that almost every one of them has purchased their own set too. I think the biggest reason it is so popular is that any age group can play. I've seen 6 year olds playing right along side of Grandpa and Grandma. My cornhole game has become the central attraction at so many parties I am considering buying another set just to keep up with the demand
Brian McAllister of Ypsilanti, Michigan