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Customer Testimonials-Page 24
I am extremely pleased with your bags and how well they have held up.  I tried the "do it yourself" approach and I just ended up spending alot of time on something that gave out after a long weekend of playing.  It wasn't until I realized how much time and money I would save by ordering from you.  Thanks again for everything.
Lucas Wenthe
Mt. Zion, IL
We love the corn hole bags and have not seen any wear and tear on them yet!
Shawna Plucinski
Barberton OH
We fell in love with this game in 2004.  We have had everyone we know from 80 to 1 1/2 playing at family gatherings.  My cornhole bags were hand made (with lots of love) BUT the corn, purchased from a "feed store" contained critters.  My bags now are half the size they once were and constantly kick up white powder when they hit the board.  They have been in the swimming pool (accident!).  My friend told me I needed to use shucked corn, not milled, or better yet buy the dried ears and do it yourself (sounds like fun).  I have a son-in-law who plays in local tournaments getting closer and closer to the big win.  I would love to try your bags, and will test them across the generations. 
Thank you 
Julie Arnold
I would like to say that this game is the best game anyone could have.
what is nice about it that any age group can pay & it many hours of fun for all is had by playing this game.
Cindy Glenn

Carol Stream, IL