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Customer Testimonials-Page 21
I purchased 8 bags from you guys and they were exactly what I wanted. 
I got them and used them a few times and some of them starting tearing. I sent an email back to you and you responded and sent me 8 brand new bags. That was far more than what I expected to happen.  I will definitely be purchasing more from you.
Thank you,
Quintin Myers
Washington, Indiana
cornhole rocks.  i live in okalhoma city but lived in cincinnati for 21 years and everyone loves it ut here it reminds me tailgating before an OHIO STATE football game
Luke Johnson
I only just began playing Cornhole a couple of months ago but I am addicted to this fun and amazingly versatile game.  I take my boards and bags with me to parties and barbeques to the delight of all, and I tell them that is the best site to purchase their own boards and bags.  Keep the fun coming!
New York
We ordered your bags (Harley Davidson) for a cousin in Virginia, our daughter in Texas,  and then bought 4 sets for home.  Best quality ever!  I know how to sew, but why should I when yours are so good and easy to get!

Mary Kay Swadener