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I chose to use the instructions you kindly provided to construct my own cornhole boards, but took advantage of your offer of ready made bags.  I have been playing Cornhole for the past two years and the game has been a great facilitator to pull our neighborhood together.  The "thump" of bags resounds up and down the street pretty much every evening and on weekend afternoons.  Both men and women play and some of the ladies are pretty good.  The bags I ordered from you arrived very timely and in excellent condition and are a pleasure to use.  The materiel has a good feel and the weight and balance are perfect.  I live in Mason, Ohio, which is a suburb of Cincinnati, which some claim is the original home of the game.  Wherever it was developed, I am glad it was, as I enjoy it immensely.
 Paul Maloney
i bought 3 sets of cornhole bags over a year ago for me and two freinds and we love them there high quality the corn is still in great shape no tears in the fabric. $20 a set may sound a bit exspensive but i would have at least half that in gas just going to town to try and find good fabric and feild corn not to mention the time it would take me to make them, and i would also need a scale for the proper weight . These are great bags and well worth the $20
Joe Collins
Every year my dad and his buddies would go to the Indy 500 race and every year when he would come back with stories about playing cornhole and how him and his friend were unbeatable so this year for father's day I decided I'd make him a cornhole set. I searched the web and finally found this site where I could get the instructions for free on how to make it. I painted it blue and gold with the WVU symbol on the front. When I presented it to him he said it was probably the thing he wanted most but expected the least.
Chapmanville, WV
I would like to thank you for your resourceful website. I had played corn hole a couple of years ago and never knew what it was called until recently when a friend had the game at a cook out. Well I loved it so much that I wanted a pair. So I did some research online and came across your site. It was the only website that had the dimensions of the boards and bags and had all of the rules on it. It was so helpful. I now have my own set and play them whenever I can! 
Thanks Again!

Meghan Dennehy