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Customer Testimonials-Page 17
Well, I've been playing bags since the Dave Matthews concert I attended back in the summer of 2004.  Ever since then, I have built three of my own sets:  including an Indiana University set and a University of Notre Dame set (I started at Indiana and then transferred to Notre Dame).  I love playing them at any time; with or without a beer in hand...but beer just makes in that much better.  My brother Terry and I are one of the top teams at any event we attend and we will continue to play bags for many years to come
I shopped around and visited many websites, including eBay sellers, before purchasing my cornhole bags from you.  Everybody's bags were about the same colors, same price, etc.  However, I had several reasons for my decision to buy from you;
1. Your website was clean and clear and very easy to use.
2. You are located in the Chicagoland area and I try to support local businesses as much as I can.
3. You bags were regulation size and weight and in a durable cover (others were lighter and many have cheap fabric covers).
But the most important reason would be because you put you a guarantee behind your product for 90 days which means that you are confident in and stand behind your work.  After receiving the bags I realized why you put the guarantee on them.  The bags were very well crafted and solid.  There were no strings hanging out or loose areas anywhere.  Your Cornhole Bags are well made and when I need to replace them, I will be ordering from you.
Michael J Bailey
Mount Prospect, IL
We had a big thunderstorm come through and had forgot we left the bags and boards in the back of the truck! Needless to say, since the bags were filled with corn it took no time at all until the bags were molded and smelled. The boards were okay, Thank goodness but the bags now need replaced, which I am attempting to do cheeply or sewing myself. I would really appreciate a free bag so feel free to contact me to give me a set and I promise I will help "promote" your website and products because they really are a good deal compared to others.
Thanks so much, 
Springfield, Ohio
We bought our weather proof bags - and I can't believe how well made and sturdy they are. Our first set of bags was the traditional "corn" bags - which didn't hold up to well (see we play almost every evening after work) so we went through those rather quickly (actually two sets of those). When we got these weather proof bags, you could really tell the difference - Now if they could just make me score better!!!
Thanks for the bags! 
Benita Dorn-Collins 

Ohio Cornholer (amateur status, backyard gamer)