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I recieved a set of weather resistant bags last week.It is hard to tell them from the corn filled bags. I realy like them so far. I have friends waiting to see how they hold up.Could be ordering three or four sets in amonth or so. Thanks.
Middletown, Ohio 
We first met up with the cornhole game on the 4th of July at a friends home in Long Island, New York,,,,,,,,,they had 50+ people at their home, and once the cornhole game came out,,,,,,,,,,,,EVERYONE of all ages joined in the game!  What a great time we all was like a Norman Rockwell painting!  My husband and I decided right away, that we had to get one of these games at our home in Connecticut...........
I found your site, ordered the game, and the fast delivery time thrilled us!  Now, each summer night, after dinner, we are outside playing cornhole!  Even with just the 2 of us, we have a blast.  we are having a large group over in a few weeks, and we are actually excited about introducing our newly found game to our family and friends.
thanks, for a great, healthy, family type of game...........
Carol and Tom Kelly
I had never heard of Cornhole until this summer at one of my daughters fastpitch softball games. A friend had a set and we played it all weekend. We really enjoy the game and are in the works on getting a board set made. I will either be ordering or would love to win some of the new bags that the rodents don't eat. That would be terrific to win. Our family will enjoy this game for years to come. Thank you so much for the instructions on making the boards. My father recently had a heart attack and this is going to be one of his projects while recovering. So thank you for giving him something to do. He appreciates it.

Jana Peoni
I just ordered a set of 8 weather-proof bags a couple of weeks ago. I received them promptly this past Monday and absolutely love them. Good feel when throwing and the action once hitting the board matched the "old school" bags of yester-year. Thanks to the kids, they've already been put to the weather-proof test and passed with flying colors. GREAT PRODUCT and decently priced I might add!! Now that I've experienced more "old school" for this 'ol boy! Having a get-together this weekend.....I'll try to get a few more orders coming your way! Thanks for all the above!
D. C. McKinney

Seymour, IN