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I've been playing cornhole for about 3 years now, and have gone through numerous sets of bags.  I'm not much for sewing so my first set was made by a friend.  She used a weaker canvas, and while they were great at first they didn't last long.  They corn shells began to break down, and come out of the bags.  The bags in turn became to light, and anytime we played on concrete they would begin to tear.  After trying several different materials and fillers, I bought a set from you.  So far they have held up great, already surpassing the life of my other sets.  The seams are sealing well, so they aren't shedding weight, and the material is much stronger.  They've been thrown across concrete for many games, and the wear is minimal.  I've made a few boards for friends and always recommend your bags.  
Bowling Green, Ohio
A buddy of mine ordered your cornhole bags after going through a few of his own... After a few weeks of mine busting I bought yours off of him for $50... Only to find out they are cheaper new... It was still worth it...
Bowling Green, KY 
Like most colleges, there are always large tailgating events prior to the home football game that evening.  I had no idea what cornhole was until I stepped foot on this campus.  As I walked around the tailgating area though, I noticed an increasing amount of people playing cornhole.  Luckily, I was able to get in on a game.  After that day, I was determined to make my own set of cornhole boards.  Cornhole is now a primary event at parties, too.  It's challenging and a lot of fun.  I knew I wanted my own cornhole game set, so I went surfing the web and this was the first site I found and trusted.
Adam Sheridan
Western Kentucky University
Although I haven't actually ordered from this site they did send me the dimensions to make my own cornhole set, they came out perfectly. I'd love to have a set of the weather resistant bags and wouldn't hesitate to order from in the future. I also receive up to date emails about specials and products. Nice site.

Holli Hearn