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Customer Testimonials-Page 8
 I have been playing for 3 years now.  I am addicted.  I have a set i take everywhere with me.  I have also built numerous sets for friends and families.  Everyone i introduce to the game loves it and wants a cornhole set.  
Jeff Raes
Moline, IL
 My venture into cornhole is quite new. I got hooked on the game two years ago, but, sadly, it took me that long to construct my own boards. Once finished I ran out to my local sporting goods store and bought a set of bags. Within one day those bags had ripped apart at the seams and their contents were spilling out with each toss. Come to find out they weren't even filled with CORN!
Your weather resistant bags are a savior. They have held up in the rain and constant playing. They have not ripped nor have they torn at the seams. They are a godsend for this avid cornhole player. Thanks for such a great product.
Drew McCoy 
Your company is great.  When I have had a question you were so quick to reply, it felt like it was instantaneous!  Your website has tons of information and lots of varieties of supplies.  I wouldn't buy from anywhere else!!
Akron, Ohio 
I recently recieved plans for the cornhole boards set.  Very easy to follow and took only a few hours to complete.  Noe down to the fun, I have had 3 parties since I made my set.  Opon first site of the boards people were saying "What is that"?  That day we played from 4pm till 3:30am.  Talking about fun!!  Even the party I had when it rained we moved the set indoors, just cut down the distance and were playing in no time.  My friends and family love this game.  The all want sets of there own.  I directed them to you site for plans.  Awsome, Thank You!
Patrick Amherst 

New York