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Customer Testimonials-Page 6
You have a great site and an amazing product that I believe will revolutionize the game of cornhole! Finally, no more disappointment of having to pack up the boards and bags when the weather gets bad.
Thanks and keep up the great work!
Josh in Stow, OH
 I just wanted to respond as to my brief experience with this site and Company. Believe it or not, I am just catching up to the Cornhole craze after attending a family function where we played for hours. After that I was convinced I had to built myself a set, searched the web for instructions on how to do so, and landed here.
I was amazed at the response time to my inquiry. Within minutes, I had a complete set of easy to read and follow instructions, with what I felt was a very personalized touch from Dave. This site has done nothing but answer questions quickly, and while I am just getting onto the market, with seemingly some very good deals on supplies and equipment.
Keep up the good work. You will be hearing more from me.
Jack Bronson
Medina, Ohio 
I purchased a set of the cornhole bags after my husband received the game as a gift for Fathers day. My daughter was so proud to get the game for her dad but didnt realize it didnt come with the bags. So I got on line and searched for a site and found you! It was so easy and the bags have held up really well. And now the weather proof sets are a must!! We have been considering getting another full set from you because every weekend we are out playing bags with our kids and their friends. It such an enjoyable way to still stay in touch with your teenage kids. thanks so much!!
Julie Donnelly Sauk Village , IL 
Dave was very nice with helping me with directions on how to make on own boards....I sent an email to him for help and in no time he rely.......Cornhole is such as fun family game, and he has help me and family become closer.
Thanks Dave!!

Elizabeth Crigler, Shepherdsville KY