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I just wanted to let you guys know how great your cornhole bags are. I play in softball tourneys all the time and we love to play cornhole while we are waiting to play our next game. I had a set of bags and they just weren't strong enough for all the torture we put them through. I got on your website and ordered some bags and they are incredibly durable. We have thrown these bags a bunch and there is absolutely no signs of wear whatsoever. Thanks for having such a high quality product.
Brandon Vest
Sullivan IN
 The new weather resistant cornhole bags are the real deal!  They take a few more games to break in than traditional corn filled bags but hold their shape forever.  I have played hundreds of games with the set that I have.  They have been stepped on, spilled on, left out in in the elements and the beads and fabric have shown no signs of break down.  You never have to deal with broken down corn in a bag that feels like sand and kicks up dust every time you land a shot on a board- these things are made to be punished!
-John from Denver
We looked around for the cornhole game all over the city and found nothing but those cheap plastic ones or ones that our friends buddies made themselves.  Once we recieved your product we were very impressed by the construction of your product. We could tell that your game will last along time compared to all the others that weve checked out.  Thank you for a great product and a game that we will be playing for a long time.
 Jeff Spko
 I had been scouring the internet looking for a decent set of bags to go with the cornhole set that I had just built.  I did find several sites that said to have sold premium bags made from 12oz Canvas and filled as close to 1lb as could be but they were charging $30 plus and on top of that adding on shipping.  I then came across which had the  lowest price that could find and also gave me the option to pick them up in store since they are located in the South Chicago Suburbs.  It was fast and the bags quality was excellent.  I would recomend the site to anyone looking to purchase a set of bags.