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You have no idea how much cornhole has changed the life of both my friends and myself. Also, we have turned on many passer-byers  of our house to the game. A mentally challenged man named Russell, whom receives much grief and negativity from local kids, has become obsessed with the game! He comes over to play a couple times a week. has changed the lives of many good people
Mike Lofquist
I first played Cornhole at a friend’s house and I was amazed at how much fun I had. A few months after that I hosted my wife’s 30th Birthday party at the same friend’s house. The woman gathered in side opening presents and such, but all the men flocked outside to the Cornhole game. None of my guests had played before, but they were all having a blast playing. We ended up having a big tournament and the party was a huge success in part because of Cornhole. The wives literally had to drag their husbands away to leave. This left a huge impression on me so I found your web site and used your directions to make 2 sets of cornhole boards. I gave one set to my father as a Father’s Day gift. He loves the game too. Every picnic we have now is better because we great entertainment for people to play. Even the kids can play by moving the boards closer together. I would love to get a set of the weather resistant bags. I was going to order when I saw your first email, but I ran out of cash last month.
Tim Trostle (Brockport, NY)
I've had great experience with's cornhole bags.  I ordered my bags and received prompt shipment in less than a week, which completely surprised me.  I've actually tried other bag suppliers(forgive me) and those bags have bit the dust long ago.  I'm still playing with my trusty bags from  They are a quality product.  Ordering is quick and easy and the available colors can satisfy anyone's needs.  If and when my bags finally need replacing, I know exactly where to go for my next, of course!
Tony Jauquet
Oak Creek, WI
 I guess what I want to say is that I have a ton of fun with my friends using your websites product.  I could see with your good public relations skills and our needs for bags and boards, sending a lot of money your way. Your website is also very helpful and outstanding!!!!!
Zach Rudy

Akron Bras