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Not many people know of this fine game
eveyone who comes over to picnic just loves the game.
i am going to build my third set of boards
I can see this game being bigger than hoseshoes.
Tom Santangelo
H&S Graphics
Thanks a bunch for the opportunity to toot your whistle! OUTSTANDING!!  That is the only word that I can think of to describe the sensation! My cousin from Cincinnati introduced cornhole to me last Thanksgiving. I live in Pleasant Garden, North Carolina. He came to our house and brought the game with him. My grandchildren loves it! I then introduced the game to other family members at our family reunion this past May. They loved it. I gave them your email and hopefully, some of them contacted you for a game. Thank you very much for the joy and fun you have introduced to North Carolina!
Dr.Clifton E. Bell, Jar.
Pleasant Garden, North Carolina
As the "summer cornhole craze" began sweeping my neighborhood, I felt somewhat obligated to hop on the bandwagon and get myself a set.  I went to a local store, and bought a couple boards and a set of bags. 
All of this was pre-packaged together.
Within literally five plays, the bags were already starting to come apart.  Weeks thereafter, the cornhole boards began to crumble as well!
Admittedly I bought cheap, and that was definitely a mistake.  I turned to to get a new set of bags, and I've had them for over a year now with absolutely ZERO problems whatsoever!  They honestly look and feel as good as new.
Sadly, I have not had the finances to upgrade my boards, so those are still in wretched shape, but when I do invest in a new set, is most certainly where I will be taking my business.
Matt Hoffman
  Elgin, IL

We love our corn-hole game!  I gave it to my fiance for a birthday present and he loved it.  We had fun decorating it together!  He is a big WI badger fan, where he graduated from, so we bought a Bucky Badger Decal for one board and a big Wisconsin W for the other board. After staining our boards we applied the decals and a couple coats of varnish later.....we have our very own personalized Bucky boards.  We've spent many days perfecting our throw and they always make a hit with friends and family on holidays or at parties.