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My family got me hooked on the game and I am glad I found your web site. When my first set of bags arrived my brother and I was so impressed with quality. 35 games (and counting) later they are "broken in" and not a single problem. I am a customer for life.
Awesome product at a fair price.
Anthony from Maine
The game is great. We have enjoyed numerous of hours during the weekend playing the game with friends and family. I used to throw horseshoes during the weekend before buying the corn hole game. What a great investment. Again, thanks for the well crafted boards.
Richard Dolak
Louisville, KY
I started playing cornhole with my friends and quickly decided I had to have my own board.  I made my own board, but i worried that if I made the bags, the sizes wouldn't be the same.  I ordered them off and they're awesome.  I may not be the best cornhole player, but I look good doing it!
Eric Jones
Dearborn, Michigan
I first played Cornhole/Baggo a couple years ago and a friends in Chicago. I had such a great time I went ahead and built my own boards. When it came to the bags, I had a couple options: Make them or buy them. I did some extensive searching on the internet for places to buy them . I was amazed how quickly the bags were delivered and how sturdy and durable the material was. I even checked the weight of all the bags and they were all within an ounce of each other…talk about consistent! I’ve told everyone who is interested in the game to get their bags here. You may find cheaper bags other places on the internet, but you get a cheaper bag made with thinner material and poor stitching. The customer service was notable as well. Any email questions I had were answered professionally in a timely manner. In fact, with all my friends wanting to play and have their own set, I may have to make some more boards and have tournaments!! The best decision I made was to get my bags at ( for the store) I have seen and used other bags and they simply do not compare to these. Keep up the good  work guys!!
Clinton Township, Mi