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Thanks for the e-mail. I have never heard of  a company be so caring about their customers. Great Job! I would never hesitate to order from you.
I built my cornhole and happened to come upon this site.  The bags that were sent were amazing.  While not at college obviously during the summer the cornhole bags did get some use.  They broke in very nicely.  The weather resistant ones took a bit longer than normal but I expected this due to the tougher surface.  The shipment was also great.  Thanks a lot.
Bryan Messersmith
My best-friend and I purchased bags from your site some time back.  We took your pattern and made two cornhole sets, one for the each of us.  Since that day I have constructed 8 additional sets for friends who played with us, and could not live without.  I foward your bag information to each and everyone of them, because your bags are second to none!
Reigning Charleston, SC Cornhole Champion...

I did research all over the web looking for the best cornhole bags and came across this site and was convinced.  I ordered my bags and they came in the mail and are great.  A friend of mine ordered from another site 2 weeks before me and his are already falling apart.  Plus you can just feel the difference between the two.  Great Product!  If/when I need new ones I will definitely order from here!