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My fiance and I met at a work get together about four years ago.  A friend of ours had built this game called corn hole.  The reason we met was because of this game.  We didn't have a co-ed pairing and we were literally thrust into the game together.  We pretty much won every match and playing the game turned into a date, which would eventually lead to our engagement and marriage this coming September.  Once we found your site and realized that building our own was easy with directions we started buying all the products from the site.  We now stopped building our own and have customized a purchased version from your site.  The quality superscedes even the best homemade edition we ever made.  We have spread the word here in Western New York and now it has become a the game to play during our get togethers.  Thank you so much for making it easy to play a game that I literally state, changed the course of my life.
Tom & Ann Marie Amodeo
I purchased 8 weather resistant cornhole bags over  a year ago, and I can tell you that they are weather resistant and critter proof. The bags have been left in the rain more times than I care to remember (3 boys ages 8 -10 will do that!!) The bags are still holding up great! They have been played on the driveway, in the grass as the old Timex commercial says “they take a licking and keep on tickingâ€. They are quality and I have not had 1 bad experience with breakage or critters eating them. We have plenty of chipmunks and raccoons to do that if they wanted. Just to let you know I am one very satisfied customer. Please keep up the great work and suburb quality.
Chuck Ramsey
I ordered 2 cornhole sets from  The Cornhole SuperStore.  They were delivered within the week.  Shipped in perfect condition as promised.  They were gifts for my two son -in- laws and they have thoroughly enjoyed them this spring and summer.  Great price for a great product with great communication.  I would strongly recommend doing business with this company. (I had a bad experience with another cornhole company on the internet, USE THIS ONE, TRUST ME!)  I will buy my cornhole bags from them when they need replaced and recommend them to my friends
Just wanted to drop you a line, I just bought the weather resistant bags you guys offer and I'm giving them to my best man in my wedding the bags seem to be great they are very well made and now that we don't have to worry as much if they get wet from the weather. It seemed like every time we have an outing they always ask me to bring the cornhole game with me, which I did, and now we are just spreading the joy of the game down here in the sunny south with these really great bags.
Rob Scott
Richburg, SC