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C2>SC is the best (and not just because we have the same initials)

SC is the best (and not just because we have the same initials)
by Sara 
(Austin, TX)
A few months back, I visited a friend of mine who hearkens from the mid-West and was introduced to my new favorite time-vacuum, Cornhole! They played with a set of Beaver Boxes, which, while lovely, are quite pricey. 
So I began a quest to build my own boxes. I'd suckered a friend into joining me in this little project and off we went in a neighbor's truck, to Home Depot. Imagine the sight - two blond Texan women, in heels (we'd been at brunch), tipsy from mimosas heading into Home Depot with nothing but a set of plans, and the knowledge that lumber lies - 2X2's patently are not 2" by 2". Yes, planing, sanding, etc, but still. For the sake of brevity, I'll forgo the details of us gathering the appropriate materials (or "ingredients" as we had taken to calling them) and getting home with a truckload of lumber and some lovely canary yellow paint. Luckily, my neighbor is a professional woodworker and was nice enough to lend us his circular saw, his reticulating saw, his drill, his sander, and his sawhorses... and his compass, his measuring tape, a square pencil, and his drill bits (for pilot holes). 
The next thing you know, we had successfully built two complete sets of cornhole boards. Alas, we'd forgottenbags! Being enterprising women of the most creative sort, we quickly dashed over to the store, bought 8 lbs. of popcorn kernels, some ziplocs, and a roll of duct tape and proceeded to build our own bags. This was what can only be described as a plum terrible idea. After the first couple of tosses, our yard started to look like something had gone terribly wrong at the Orville Reddenbacher plant. Luckily, the next morning, a lack of popcorn, the fat squirrels and bloated doves sitting around in the sun cued us in to the popcorn's fate. Thus, when deciding what bags to purchase, synthetic became the obvious choice. I'm a researcher, it's what I do, so I characteristically spent hours searching for a good set of synthetic bags without a sports team, NASCAR number, or cheesy design on them and finally found your great site. In a few quick clicks, I'd ordered two complete setsof synthetic bags for a wonderful price and in no time had my confirmation email. I knew with a 16 pound shipping weight, that it might take awhile to receive the bags, but they arrived at my home in no time! 
Since then I've received a follow-up email with a coupon, as well as this opportunity to tell my tale. With the high-quality, synthetic bags from SC, we've played numerous (some heated) games and they still look good as new. And, the squirrels couldn't have less interest in theCornhole Bags - great news considering the fate of the home-made bags we tried. I just want to thank you for the great service, fast shipping, high quality product, and for sharing Cornhole with the world. What a great way to spend time with friends and neighbors, and although it does go awfully well with a beer, to be able to claim a little exercise too. 
From one SC (Sara Cleveland) to another, I thank you!