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C2>PICKY ABOUT QUALITY, so my family tells me

 PICKY ABOUT QUALITY, so my family tells me

by Kevin Shifflett 
(Staunton, VA )
Upon going to a family picnic, there was a new game everyone was playing, called Cornhole. After playing the game, my whole family was hooked. We talked about how to make the boards and the bags. 
The owner (my brother-n-law) of the boards made his own bags. Me & my boys decided to make us a set of boards. When completed, we decided on what to do about the bags. Make them or order off the internet?? After talking to my brother in law about the bags, he said he was always having to sew & fix his bags. Well that made my decision to order bags. 
In the mean time my cousin made a set of boards and ordered his bags off the internet. After talking to him, his bags seemed to be of good quality but after playing in a light mist of rain (approx. 30 min.) the bags seemed to be soaking up all the moisture and got hard. (had to put over a dehumidifier to dry out). 
With all this info I was seeing first hand (and by the way remember that my boards has been made & ready for about 2 weeks by now, I just needed bags, it was driving me crazy not to be able to play when I wanted), I didn't know who to order bags from.
Upon searching the net, it seemed to be a shot in the dark on ordering bags. All I knew was I was`t going to make my own & I was`t going to order from the same company as my cousin. I found the SC Cornhole Gamesite and read about the bags and they seemed to be good. I placed my order and believe it or not, 3 days and my bags was at my door, WOW!!
Opened the box and me & my wife couldn't believe the way our new Cornhole bags looked and felt, they were 100 times better than the ones her brother had made and felt better than what my cousin had ordered. It really says something about a company when the bags had a tag sewed into one corner of every bag.
Needless to say within about an hour of getting the bags, we set up the boards and played for about 3 hours. All the bags, both colors, seemed to weigh the same (a problem we found with her brother's & my cousin's generic bags). The following weekend we went to my cousin's, and I had to sport my new boards and colorful bags, we played for about 7 hours and guess what???? It rained hard for about 2 hours. Want to hear the best part?? The bags did get wet (we did`t play while it was raining but started as soon as it stopped) the weight did not change and the inside stayed loose and never got bunched up. WONDERFUL!!!! 
After seeing that my cousin went in and ordered himself 2 new sets of bags from before we left (he wanted to make sure he got the same bags as mine). It made me feel good that he ordered new bags (his was only about 1 month old) just because of the quality of mine. You don`t have to believe me, but if you get bags from you will not be disappointed. THEY ARE AWESOME!!! 
My hats off to the folks that has put these bags together, they really are great quality and it shows that they take pride in their work and this makes people keep coming back for all their Cornhole needs. I am a customer for life now.
There are a lot of other web sites out there that claims they have high quality bags, maybe they do, but if you get bags from, you cant go wrong and you will be able to play in no time at all. Great Job To Everyone at You all deserve a pat on the back.