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C2>Penguins and cornhole...what a party!

Penguins and cornhole...what a party!

by Greg Leonard 
(Latrobe, Pennsylvania)
I built a spec set of Cornhole boards over the Memorial Day weekend. Since you cannot purchase the beanbagsanywhere in the general area in my city in PA, I had to resort to the internet. 
The week after Memorial Day, I was on a prep period at school and decided it was time to make my order. I ordered our local school colors (black and orange), and opted to pay using PayPal. 
I was disappointed when they did not arrive within a week after ordering, especially when SC posted that orders are shipped within 24 hours.
Finally, I decided to call, and I was shocked to hear that my order was never received. What was so FANTASTIC was the fact that customer service was OUTSTANDING and SOOOOOO HELPFUL! They suggested that I check my paypal account to confirm, and ultimately my order was never placed (DEFINITELY my fault). I must explain that I made this call at 4:50 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on a Wednesday afternoon, and was told that if I re-placed my order right then, that the bags would be shipped on that same day. This was WONDERFUL news!
I say this because my wife and I live 35 miles east of Pittsburgh, and have been following our Penguins to the Stanley Cup (yes we are the CHAMPS) along with approximately 40 others partying at our house during every game. 
Several people kept asking the burning question, "When are you getting the beanbags so we can play this game?" I emailed everyone on Wednesday evening to tell them that I made the order. Most responded, "They will never be in Pennsylvania by Friday!" Wrong! On Friday afternoon the UPS driver pulled in front of my house with a 7 lb. box, and just 4 hours before game 5 of the semifinals! 
In 47 years, I cannot express how much fun 8 little, cornfilled bags have produced. As a matter of fact, after winning the Stanley Cup just last night, twelve of us remained and tossed beanbags until 2:40 a.m. Yes, we may have upset a few neighbors and the boxes were just a bit blurry, but I'm sure the "complainers" will eventually make it down the street to see what all of the fun is about.
Thank you SC employees for your understanding professionalism, your help, and most of all, your prompt and courteous response to a now-addicted, cornhole junkie! (lol)
NOTE: I am making a set for the neighbor for his camp, and he is ordering our Pittsburgh colors (black and gold)!