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It's GO Time!
by Rick 
I have enjoyed playing Cornhole for a few years now, but never considered myself a topshelf level player. Oh, every now and then If I was lucky enought to get teamed up with the right partner, I could raise my arms in a victory salute to the typically small crowd where we play! 
I took it upon my self to make my own Cornhole Boards, think this might be te edge I needed to escalate my game to the next level and just maybe be a high first round selection when teams were being decided upon! The boards turned out beyond my expectaions, my greatest accomplishment in life to date! Now I started my search for the icing on the cake, the perfect compliment to my masterpiece, The Cornhole Bags! 
My color scheme on the boards is a Jamaican flag, a favorite vacation spot of my wife and I. The bags must represent the tradition of the Rastafari People of jamaica and certainly please the one and only spirit of Bob Marley himself! So I ordered Red bags, representing the blood of the people, and Yellow / Gold, which symbolizes the warm tropical sunshine. 
I was nervous when placing my order with SC Cornhole games on line! What if the colors are not true to the pictures? What if they take forever to come in and I change my mind? What if the are cheap imitations and my dream of becoming a local legend is dashed becasue the bags are out of spec? The package arrived within 2 days to my Ohio home! Perfect timing for the big reveal! The packaging was perfect, a thank you letter on top as I opened the box, very classy! Individually wrapped sets of 4 bags. Carefully I opened the first, YES, PERFECT sunshine colored bags, I excitedly opened the other set, RED, Blood RED, just as I dreamed and just as the pictures on line showed them to be! The feel, was exact, I could tell that the start of a legend was close at hand thanks to SC Cornhole Games providing what they promised; PERFECTION! 
Thank you VERY Much.
I want to win more cornhole bags
by Mary Ellen Graham 
(Chattanooga, TN, USA)
Rainbow Cornhole Board
I have been very happy with the experience with your company. I emailed for the free instructions to build the Cornhole Boards. My husband promptly set to work and voila!! a set of Cornhole boards. We painted them "Rainbow" because one of our grandchildren wanted her room painted "Rainbow" See picture
I then ordered 8 Cornhole Bags, which came vey timely and we, our children and grandchildren have thrown the bags many, many times and they still look like new (except for a little dirt)and are very durable. We have enjoyed the game very much and thank you so much for your company. It has been a very good experience.
I wish all internet sales were this easy!!!!!
by Russ 
(Atlanta, GA)
I was amazed how quickly I recieved my Cornhole bags. The next day they were at my door and I paid the slow shipping. I really wish I could say that all my internet purchases were this easy!! Keep doing what you do and don't change a thing!!!!!
Additionally the Cornhole bag quality is exceptional. I have just started playing but my friends that have been playing awhile were amazed at the quality and will be ordering bags themselves..
by Janice Spangler 
(Waynesfield, Oh)
My son was asked by a friend to make a set of cornhole games to be raffled off at their annual Christmas Party. We searched every where for material for the bags without any luck. 
He found your website and called me to see if I thought they would work. We ordered them and when we got them we were so happy with the material and the fact that all I had to do was fill them and sew just one end. We are very pleased with them. 
If things go well with the sets he has made I'm sure we will be ordering more unfilled bags. 
Thank You for such wonderful materials!
Johnny's Tavern Cornhole Boards
I found your web site doing a Google search. I was looking for instructions to build a Cornhole game for my brother's bar in Pennsylvania. Your dimensions seemed the easiest to follow out of all that I had found, and your materials list was extra helpful. The specifications drawing allowed me to see the basic dimensions, I changed the materials slightly from what you had listed to use some scrap lumber that I had in the garage.
For the deck, I purchased 2'x4' pre-cut MDF boards because of their stability (but boy, are they heavy!). Using your drawings, I was easily able to center the hole, but had a tough time drawing a 6" diameter circle. I finally used a paint can for the circle, as that was near the dimesion that I needed.
For the sides, I used 1"x3" pine that I had as scrap. I made the legs the same way you suggested (easy!), out of the same boards, and attached them with machine bolts and wing nuts so they can be removed for storage. It came together easily, and then it was time to paint. I used some of the pictures on your site as a guide, and painted the deck and sides in the colors of the interior of the tavern. I then added the tavern's logo to the center of the deck (a custom decal purchased on-line).
As a way to protect the decal and to make the game slightly more challenging, I put five coats of varnish on the decking, rubbing it down with steel wool in-between coats to make it smooth. I then purchased two sets of bags from your site to complete the game.
I tested it this weekend, and it makes for a challenging game. You have to toss the bag just right, or it goes sliding right off the varnished deck and off the board. Your site's instructions were a great help to completing this project.
Just bought my third set of bags
by Jesse 
(Manchester, CT)
Fast shipping! I ordered two sets of cornhole bags and received them in less than a week. 
These are the third sets I purchased. Good colors and good quality. 
Now I have three cornhole boards with red (2), black, navy blue, royal blue, and orange bags.
Just in the Nick of Time
by Andy Heffner 
(Greensboro, NC)
We recently built 5 set of Cornhole Boards for our youth group at church. Our first big event to use them was to be at my house on a Friday evening. We had ordered the bundle of 5 sets of bags on Tuesday afternoon with the assurance that they would be there by Friday. Well, the UPS man showed up at my house at 2:30 and the package was not on his truck as his little board had told him. A quick phone call to UPS explaining that 30 kids were going to be at my house in 4 and a half hours, and within the hour another driver showed up with my shipment. I don't usually sing the praises of UPS, as I work for FedEx, but they did come through! The weatherproof Cornhole bags are awesome! The kids had a blast. And we are customers for life. Thanks for everything!
Just in time-SC Cornhole!
by Courtney 
(Cleveland, OH)
I had to quickly scramble to find a set for my boyfriend’s birthday when another company fell through. You processed my order and I received it just in time so he never knew about the mishap.