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C2>I had to learn the hard way

I had to learn the hard way

by Jay Daly 
(Philadelphia PA)
Last year, at the bar I frequent, a gentlemen brought a couple of huge pieces of wood with holes in them, 8 bags filled with what felt like beans in the front door with him. We were all wondering what was going on. He went out back, set up the boards, and within an hour, everyone was hooked. When he left later that night, we knew we had to get our own set for the bar. We ended up getting the plastic "tailgate toss", the smaller, more portable version of Cornhole. We had a blast all summer long playing Cornhole on into the night. This year, when the weather started to turn, a few of the regular players, mainly me, started kicking around the idea of a league. People definitely seemed interested. But after going through a few sets of bags the previous year, as well as the instability of the older, plastic boards, I decided that we should go all out, and get official Cornhole Boardsand bags. At first, a few people agreed to make boards. We downloaded the specs for free online, and I went online, and ordered a set of official 1 pound Cornhole Bags. The problem was, it wasn't this site. Oh, the shame. 
Meanwhile, after too much procrastinating on the part of the builders, I decided to buy boards online as well. The "other site" had boards for sale, but they seemed to lack the quality I was searching for. That's when I discovered your website. I immediately ordered a set of white painted boards. The delivery time was exceptional. They arrived precisely the day you said they would. 
We immediately started playing Cornhole on the newboards and bags. Within 3 hours of our first toss, one of the seams ripped on one of the bags, and it began to leak corn. Our first league game was rapidly approaching, and we had damaged Cornhole bags!! 
I immediately called you guys, and explained the situation. We were five days away from our opening game, and we had damaged bags, not to mention they broke after 3 hours of play. Your employee was great on the phone. He quoted me the price for all the different types of shipping, and I agreed and placed the order. Sure enough, the morning of the first game, the new bags arrived on my doorstep. Comparing your bags to the old ones that broke was quite interesting. The quality of your products is truly fantastic, especially when compared to others in the industry. We have been enjoying the new bags immensely, and plan on buying all of our Cornhole equipment from you guys in the future. We're even talking of buying the "all weather" bags for rainy days and nights. Yeah, we're gamers. Thanks so much, and keep up the great work.
Your new loyal customer,
Jay Daly