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C2>Hello from sunny Cali

 Hello from sunny Cali

by Wesley Forbes II 
(Reedley, CA)
My wife and I are always looking for activities for us and our 9 year old daughter to do while at home. We don't like her to just be in her room with either the TV or the computer (or both) on all day. We like for her to be active. She plays sports (right now it's softball) but once she gets home, its usually on with the TV.
I started looking around the Internet for games that could be played in the backyard. My first choice was badmitten since I have experience with that game and it is fun. But, due to the size of our yard an official size net could not fit also, Bocce Ball and Croque would not be as fun as we wouldn't be able to design a good course due to our yard size.
My search took me to find the Bean Bag Toss game. I am a lover of Horse Shoes and building horse shoe pits in my yard is definately out of the question, and the shoes would be to heavy for my daughter (and maybe my wife) to throw. That's when I made my decision that thebean bag toss game was the ticket. Now to try and find the best place to get boards and bags. I looked at various websites and thought that I was sold on a set, but come to find that it was a cheaply made plastic set made to look like wood. My search continued until I found SCCornhole . I liked the enthusiasm of the site and how they really promoted the game. The information was very informative plus they give you instructions on how to make your own boards, free! I also really liked the accessories including the scoreboards.
Of course I ended up ording an unfinished 3X2 board set along with an extra set of weather resistant bags (in different color than the ones that came with the set). From what I have read the official distance is 30ft. from hole to hole and although the length of my yard can accomodate this, if it couldn't I could always move them in a little.
Once it arrived, which was about a week since I live on the west coast, I immediatley stained and protected the boards with water based color stain, a opened up the scoreboard to look at the construction. It was nice and sturdy, and it will hold two drinks!
Since we are to keep these testimonies true and factual, I must note my experience with the bean bags. When I opened the box, expecting to see four different colors of bags, I saw two sets in all the same colors! There were 8 reds, and 8 yellows! This was a good time to test the customer service that I had read about. I called the next day and spoke to a gentleman about the problem and he apololgized and said to keep the extra set and that he would correct my error and send me out the correct colors either that day or the next business day (it was a Friday when I called). I was satisfied with that.
The only constructive critisism is that it says they would send out a tracking number when the order shipped and they did not, and I had to call for mine. With the way things are out there especially with ordering on-line I like to be able to track my package.
The quality of the boards and bags are very high and once the boards are dry my family, friends and I look forward to long days of barbequeing and enjoying eachothers company while playing your game.
Wesley from Cali
**Editors Note-Thanks for the kind words and the suggestions. Our emails messages weren't going out there for a few days so I apologize about that. Everything is fixed and ready to go now though!