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C2>Great High School Graduation Gifts

Great High School Graduation Gifts

by Ann Halley 
(Park Ridge IL)
As Graduation approached for my high school son I realized that he would need something to give as gifts to his friends when he was invited to the many parties this summer. I really wanted to think of something that was clever, yet practical for those soon to be college students. Gift cards and checks are great, but everyone does those, so I thought about bags for cornhole games. Not just any bags, but bags that would be in the college colors. The kids love playing bags and I am sure most will continue to play at college.
I was just in time for the Cornhole Bags sale (5 sets for 75.00) and we had plenty of color choices for all the colleges. He even has two friends that will be roommates at Purdue (gold and black), so each guy got one color initially as a roommate joke. Your bags are so durable that I am sure no matter what climate they end up in they will be able to endure the hours of fun for the friends and all the new friends they will make at college. I decided to put each set into a sturdy shower tote with a handle. I thought the kids could use the tote for the shower like all the college lists suggest or to bring the bags out to the dorm lawn or football parking lot. I really like the idea that the gift is one that the kids will use and hopefully the bags will help them make new friends and relax occasionally (like who am I kidding-college kids relaxing occasionally.)
Shipping was great because I got the bags in plenty of time for that first party. The bags come in so many color choices that it was easy to match with the colleges. I picked the weather resistant bags because I know from my own experience that they will hold up for hours of play, unlike other bags that rip easily. I am so happy that your bags were available to help me be a creative gift giver. Just think of all the new students that will be sent off with the correct school supplies. I am sure that makes you happy too.