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by LaMishia 
(Winchester, VA)
I just discovered the game of cornhole last night at a girlfriends housewarming party! Two tosses in and I was hooked. One winning game later and I'm a die hard fan. All the boys were impressed with my high tossing skills and nothing makes a better win than a little team on team competition. I'm officially getting my own Cornhole Set for my own housewarming party next month. Cant wait to start the tradition in my own home. :-)

Eddie Ray Voyles, Jr.

by Eddie Voyles 
(Chesterland, Ohio USA)
My daughter started college at the University of Dayton three years ago. As her parents we were very proud of the fact that she chose Dayton because that is where we met and eventually got married.
While buying books for our daughter the clerk behind the check out lane was wearing a shirt that said CornholeChampion. Needless to say I had to inquire what in the world that meant. To my surprise, I was informed what the game was and how it got its weird name.
After we had dropped our daughter off at her dorm and we were heading back home we drove through the student housing section of campus. We must have seen a half dozen houses with kids playing the cornhole game and another half dozen houses with Cornhole Setsleaning against the student houses.
Now that my daughter is going to be a senior at Dayton and my son a junior. I decided to make the a set. I am also constructing a set for my other son who will be a freshman at the University Of Miami Oxford, Ohio.
The construction of the Cornhole Boards is easy for me since I work with wood. However, the bags are a different story. I will be ordering 16 bags to start. I am sure I will be ordering more in the future. These things seem to multiply once people know you can make them.
Take care and I am looking forward to any discount I can get. I am sure you could imagine what the cost is of three kids in college.
Eddie and Julie Voyles
p.s. I will send you pictures once I have painted the sets. I am going with the college logos of both Dayton and Miami.