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Bean Bag Toss---aka "Bags"

Depending on where you are in the country, you might call the game cornhole, bags, bean bag toss, or bean bag toss game. In Chicago and other areas of Illinois, the game is usually referred to as 'Bags', Bean bags, or bean bag toss. Cornhole and bags are the same game, but there is one big difference. 'Official' Cornhole rules (According to the American Cornhole Associate) calls for 4'x2' game boards. Most people in Chicagoland play with a 3'x2' board. The bean bags (or Cornhole Bags) remain the same standard size of 6x6", it's just the boards that are different sizes.

We are located out of Tinley Park and we ship to other areas of the country, so we sell plenty of both sizes. If you live in the Chicago area, chances are high that you are using the 3x2' boards. That's typically what we sell to locals and that's what we see most people playing on. But, if you want to be sure, you can measure it out to see what makes sense. Of if you're local, you can stop in and see the bean bag boards side by side.

So below, are the 'tailgate toss' style boards that are available.