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by Michael 
(Richmond, VA)
It all started after I had just graduated college. As I sat there, now with more time on my hands than I had ever had before in my life, I needed something to do---something to keep me busy. Why not, I thought, build a Cornhole. It would take some time, reaffirm my manhood by being able to work with tools, and make every tailgate or cookout I had that much more exciting. After carefully constructing the frame, I needed to finish it with the perfect paint design. After much deliberation, I decided an American flag was the best choice due to its applicability to every person who plays (who can't relate to the land of the free). Also, instead of stars in the blue I put a the Toby Keith lyric "We'll put a boot in your ass, it's the American Way" in white lettering---a nice touch. I finally came to the cornhole bags. I've found that ordering them is a better option due to the necessary industrial stitching. I am happy to say that the bags I bought from you all are still going strong. The shipping was right on time, as well, so thanks for that. I can tell that I have many years of Cornhole-ing ahead of me and if the bags do break I'll know exactly where I can get more. THANKS AGAIN!!!!
AMAZING bags! AMAZING customer service!

by Ken M 
(Coronado, CA)
Wow, your Cornhole beanbags are great. Excellent feel, they slide niccccce, and the colors are beautiful. I'm playing with much more consistency and actually can't be beat ;). 
The online order went very smoothly and the bags arrived at my doorstep much faster than I had ever hoped. Thanks so much for a great product and great experience!
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by Wayne 
(Huntingdon, Pa )
Best Cornhole beanbags I have used. I have purchased bags from other companies, but yours last longer and are of much better quality.
Bags a Big Hit

by Stacey 
(Columbus, OH)
My husband made my nephew a set of cornhole boards for graduation, and just days before his party, we realized we hadn't ordered any bags. I got online, found this company. You had a great selection of color. We were looking for Pittsburgh Steelers colors, and with no problem, ordered them. Just 2 day later, they were delivered to my house in plenty of time. They made a big hit at the party, the kids played cornhole all night. Thanks SC Cornhole!!!