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by John La Berg 
(Schaumburg, Il. )
One of my favortie hobbies. I mean what guy has never thought of ... I digress. What I meant to say was that I ordered a package of Cornhole bags only (no filler)online, and I had them at my house 2 days later. The bags are of heavy duty cloth and yet they are attractive. I washed some pea gravel (from Home Depot) and when it dries I will use in the bags. Pea gravel is better than corn (though cornholing sounds better than gravelholing), since mice are not attracted to or will eat the pea gravel when it is stored in my shed over the winter. Thanx again for the ease of ordering and the fast shipping!!!!
5 Kids thank SC cornhole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Jason, Jennifer, and the 5 kids 
(Chattanooga, TN)
Let me start by telling you that we have 5 - yes 5 - kids, so when I first started building the Cornhole Sets (why didn't I order them then) for a week all I heard was, "Daddy can we play? Daddy can we play? Daddy can we play?" 
I have a broken leg so it took longer to build the boards than I had thought. I finished them and ordered the bags from your company. I was happy to find the weather proof bags with synthetic beads on your website in case one of the 5 different kids left them outside. I ordered them on a Monday (late) and Wednesday the kids were playing corn hole. 
I am glad that you guys had the weather proof bags, because they got left outside and we have been blessed with about 8 inches of rain this week in Southeast Tennessee. I got them and put them in garage in front of fan and wow no mold or stinky smells. Thank you for a great product in a quick time frame.
SC' Should Stand for 'Santa Claus'
by Ryan M. 
Wow, Christmas in September? Who would have thought... I swear, these Cornhole Bags came so fast they must have used Santa's Sled as their shipping method.
The bags are so tough they must have been made from magical reindeer hyde. Oh no, that's a little too 'graphic' and not necessarily politically correct -- I may be jeopardizing my chances at this drawing. Oh well, these dang bags are so sturdy it's not like I'll ever need another set for the lifetime of the Cornhole Boards I own (or my own lifetime). 
Let's see, what else... the auto-email for tracking notification is an added perk (I typically call relatives from other states and ask if they've seen a UPS truck drive past their house with my stuff on board, but they usually just hang up) - What a timesaver!
In all honesty, I chose your company amongst HUNDREDS of other online retailers (or should I say "retailers") because 1)the website design separates you from the others - shows you care about your company image/product and 2)the testimonials and FAQ's were actually believable (unlike many others web-testimonials that come off as less believable than the audience in a Ron Popiel Food Dehydrator infomercial).
Lots of colors of bags to choose from, too! Did I mention how much I love Chicago! What a great city, honestly - my favorite! Lou Malnati's, Harold's Chicken Shack, the South Loop!