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C2>138th Quartermaster Company Iraq

138th Quartermaster Company Iraq
by CW3 Nolan, Matthew G 
(Al Asad, Iraq)
We are the 138th Quartermaster Company from Brazil IN., deployed to Iraq. We have come to a point where we are playing quite a few games of Cornhole daily. Every night we have between 11-13 teams play a double elimination tournament on one set of boards with one set of bags. Needless to say with the amount of games we are playing we are rough on our equipment not to mention the environment we are playing in isn't always completely controlled. We came here with one set of bags and performed patch type surgery on them until they no longer resembled cornhole bags. The local embroidery shop had stitched one particular bag up so much that we referred to that bag as "Frankenstein". It was very hard to control the outcome of that one. About a month ago we placed an order from SC Cornhole and had an official set of bags sent. We waited patiently and watched the mail every day as "Frankenstein" continued to be resurrected for another day in the fight. The day the SC bags arrived we conducted our nightly tournament with some very different results. We had all become quite familiar with throwing four bags with different weights and characteristics that throwing your bags took some getting used to. Now, just a few weeks later our accuracy and consistency is higher than we ever expected. Our tournaments are much more challenging than before because more players are playing better more consistently.
Love it!
by Susie 
(North Carolina )
You guys are great! Supper fast shipping, perfect service, and a great Cornhole product!!! We definitely love you guys and plan to use your site many more times in the future!!!
Good stuff
by Kelly 
I ordered the weather resistant Cornhole Bags as a Christmas present for my boyfriend. They came within 3 days of ordering with standard shipping which was awesome! They weren't quite what I was expecting--one side was sewn with the seam out, but overall I am definitely satisfied with them!
Great Company
by Jack Campione 
(Tinley Park, Il)
I have bought several Cornhole Sets of bags for myself and as gifts and recently purchased a number of scoreboards also as gifts. It is a pleasure to deal with this company. Everything is always on time and very high quality. Also used there specs to build three sets of boards.